August 26, 2015
DIY Dog Treat: Dried Beef Liver

Today we are making simple and healthy, 1 ingredient dried beef liver treats for dogs. Most DIY dog treats are made with the perfect cookie cutter dog bone shape, but unfortunately many of these treats contain grains and flour. These ingredients often cause inflammatory and allergic reactions in dogs. This dried beef liver recipe may […]

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August 19, 2015
Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Pets: Morgan’s Story

Morgan, a 13-year-old Welsh Terrier, came into the office suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel disease and early stages of kidney failure. Her parents noticed that she looked and acted older than previous months and felt concern that her enjoyment of life was rapidly slipping away. With a diet rotation and elimination diet and supplements to […]

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August 12, 2015
8 Tips for Bathing Your Cat (and Living to Tell the Tale)

Image credit: Michael Verdi So you need to bathe your cat. If images of horror films and the feeling of instant panic swept over you after reading that, you’re not alone. Bathing cats is a tricky business. They’re independent creatures, and taking a bath is not their idea of fun. However, there are steps you […]

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August 5, 2015
5 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian about Chronic Kidney Disease

When you hear devastating news about your pet’s kidney health, veterinarians understand that your mind shuts down and you might not be able to ask necessary questions. However, after the initial shock of the diagnosis, it’s imperative to ask your vet the right questions in order to be fully informed. In many cases, you may […]

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