August 28, 2017
Creating Better Gut Health for Your Pet

If your dog or cat has a sensitive stomach, or chronic GI upset, you already know: it is frustrating beyond words. Not knowing what is behind the GI trouble in your pet is even more maddening. After changing food over and over, and trying several medications, you may find yourself backed into a corner, with […]

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August 19, 2017
Preventing Lyme Disease in Pets

  During the warmer months, pet owners become increasingly aware of parasites that can bite and sicken their pets or family. Fleas, mosquitoes and ticks thrive in the warm weather, and seem to come out with a vengeance. While all of these pests pose a danger to your pet year-round, ticks are especially dangerous as […]

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August 6, 2017
The Best Ingredients for Pet Food: Making the CrockPET Diet Work

You may know that The Original CrockPET Diet is a great way to bring the best ingredients for pet food to your four legged friend's bowl. But you may not know that you're also helping them on their way to better health with a wholesome, balanced diet. Knowing how to keep your pet on the […]

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