3rd Annual Online Animal Wellness Summit!


I’m a presenter this year, so join in for the 3rd Annual Online Animal Wellness Summit!  Watch 50+ animal presenters enthusiastically share their wisdom and experience. You will be empowered with how to best care for your pets & animals.  This event is dedicated to the holistic care of our beloved pets & animals.


Just some of what you’ll be learning:

  • Crystalline Energy Healing: Animals Love It. You Can Do It.
  • The Oily Pet: Safe Ways to Use Essential Oils with Your Pet
  • CBD Oil & Cats
  • Animal Reiki for Accelerated Healing
  • Homeopathy For Chronic Disease
  • What exactly is the microbiome?


Each day for the 10 day online event you will have free viewing access to watch 4-5 new presentations!  Starting Jan.15th, 2020 at 12:01 am EDT you will have 24hr viewing access to the current day’s presentations with our free access option.

 Your Viewing Options:


Free 24hr Daily Viewing Access (from 12:01am EST to 11:59pm EST) to each day’s content Jan 15th – 24th, 2020!


Option 2: PAID “10 Day All Access Pass”

Unlimited viewing access Jan 15 – 24th, 2020 as each day is made available – watch as much as you want, when you want of the current day presentations and go back to watch previous days until Jan.24th 2020.  You will also obtain access immediately to all of our 2017 and 2018 content as soon as your purchase goes through starting right away.
(SAVE 50% until Jan.20th 2020)


Option 3: Digital Downloads, Flash Drives & access to our NEW VIP Membership will be made available for purchase so you can own all the amazing content!


Options #2 &3 will be made available soon, so register & watch your email inbox VERY closely for when they release the specials by sending out an email titled “Early Bird Specials [SAVE 50%!]”


REGISTER NOW: https://animalwellnesssummit.com/rroberts


See you online at the Summit! 😉

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