Kidney Support Protocol

kidney support protocol | how to treat kidney disease naturally

Kidney Support Protocol

Your Pet's Ally Will Coach You

When your pet has multiple or complicated health problems and conventional treatment is not working please know that there are other options.  My approach as a 30+ plus year integrated medicine veterinarian brings together all the treatments that are available today to help your pet.  The treatment plan may include any or a blend of the following: targeted nutritional healing, Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, acupuncture, laser, holistic, chiropractic and stem cell therapies.  Having owned an integrated clinic for many years I provided all these services under one roof. Unfortunately it is not easy in finding a clinic that can provide all of these treatments and services. Through my consultations I can help you and your primary veterinarian bring together the best plan for healing your pet.  

If You're Not Cooking, Start

Are you tired of worrying your pet will be left holding the bag during the next pet food recall? The Foundation of health is a healthy whole foods diet, not Highly processed chicken and corn. If you haven”t started home-cooking for your pet, The Original CrockPet Diet is the safest, healthiest and easiest diet for dogs and cats to make at home. The Original CrockPet Diet  is also complete and balanced for all life stages according to AAFCO standards. 

Keto Options are available to help feed your pet, not the cancer cells. Whole foods improveGut function as well as liver and Immune system, Slowing the growth of cancer cells. Check out My Blog about the Keto Diet Here. 

Reduce Inflammation & Strengthen The Gut

5 Step Holistic Treatment Of Kidney Disease in Dogs:

  1. Improve Quality of Nutrition
  2. Increase Water Consumption
  3. Decrease Inflammation
  4. Improve Kidney Function
  5. Improve Gut Health

I use the products below for all my consulting clients, to get fantastic health outcomes. I’ve recommended them for years, and use them for my pown pets to to keep their health and immune function top notch. 

Want a DIY Program to Support Your Pet's Kidney's?

The Kidney Health Starter Kit was created to give you the knowledge you need to understand what Kidney failure means for you pet, so you can be the best advocate for you furry friend. If you aren’t sure what to do next, this is a great next step. You’ll learn: The 9 Essential Labs to Ask for, so you can clarify the severity of your pet’s kidney failure What the lab results really mean, so you’re “in the know” The 5 Questions to ask your veterinarian , so you can be an advocate for their health Simple steps you can take to dramatically improve your pet’s health & quality of life You’ll get 4 Video Modules explaining how to utilize the kit, and why Kidney failure is personal to me. You’ll also receive these downloads: Kidney Health Quick Start Guide Demystifying Lab Results 9 essential labs to ask for Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian It is well worth the investment to et the knowledge you need to protect your Pet.

The Comprehensive Kidney Health Program for Dogs and Cats was created to add more years to your pet’s life, improve kidney health, and alleviate your cat or dog’s discomfort caused by kidney disease and renal failure. This course includes: Education on what to expect when your pet has kidney disease A supplement plan for your pet based on his/her weight Recipes for home-cooked meals for your pet Information on the best conventional and holistic practices for managing kidney disease Private access to my Pet Kidney Health Facebook Community, where you can ask questions about the program . The Original CrockPet Diet Ebook,  The Original CrockPet Diet cooking videos and other goodies in the Members area are included as well as the Kidney Health Starter Kit.

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Holistic Wellness Program: 

Advanced Care is for people with multiple pets, or pets who have multiple or complex health problems and need ongoing support. If your pet has complicated health problems, conventional treatment may only take you to a road block. The options offered to your pet may have been ineffective, costly, or come with a string of unwanted side-effects, and you’re likely looking for another road to take to help them. If you are ready to improve your pet’s health, but are frustrated with the limited or adverse options being offered, then this Holistic Pet Health Coaching Package is for you and your pet.

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