April 30, 2021

Benefits of Home Cooked Food For Dogs and Cats

There are multiple reasons to cook for your pet and there are many posts online about feeding raw food vs. cooked food but in this blog you will learn many supported benefits on why I promote home cooked food for dogs and cats. The most important is that you know exactly what your pet is eating.

The Original CrockPET Diet® 

is not just about cooking for your pet. It’s also a way to incorporate the principles of a Chinese Herbal formula into the basis of health for your pet.

This standard diet is written for the issue we see most commonly: hot and blood-deficient pets. It is also intended to prevent cancer and other chronic disease.

This is a long-term strategy for health, and the changes may take several weeks to months to note a difference—although many people will say they see their pets’ coats become shinier and silkier in 1-2 weeks.

And it definitely worked for Sammy, a pup who is loving life on The Original CrockPET Diet®

Check out his picture and what his mom had to say...

Home-Cooked Pet Food benefits

“My little Maltese Poodle (Sammy) is 11 years old & was looking very sick, sad & old, he had big tear stains & hardly came out to socialise—we were quite worried. His teeth even started to break.

After reading your posts I started cooking your CrockPET diet for him. Wow, what a change—in only one month, he looks completely different. His fur is lovely & white, no tear stains, & he is bouncy, happy, & playful again. 

He looks so much younger in only ONE MONTH! He has even started playing with his toys again & enjoys cuddles more than ever. My hubby & I are truly grateful for what you do - thank you!

The food I was feeding him was raw, & I truly believed I was giving him the best as it was recommended by a holistic vet. He enjoys CrockPET far more, & it is obviously a far better choice!

My next step is to work on his gut to help ease his itchy scratchy allergies.

I have a feeling you won't be able to ship to Australia but if you can that would be fabulous. I just couldn't help telling you how much you have helped us.

I can't thank you enough!”

-- Shirley

Worried about your pet’s current diet?

Cooking for Your Pet: Gut Health

An all-natural, home-cooked diet is also vital to your pet’s gut health.

Commercial dog and cat foods disrupt the balance of a healthy gut system due to unhealthy fillers, a lack of moisture, and a variety of ingredients that can cause food sensitivities.

When this happens, your pet’s gut system becomes unbalanced, and you’ll find yourself with a pet that suffers from chronic vomiting, diarrhea, obesity, fatigue, and other health problems that will not go away until your pet’s diet is changed.

If this sounds familiar, I urge you to quit spending money on constant trips to the vet or buying expensive medications that do little or nothing to help your pet.

Instead, check out my Gut Instincts: Natural Digestion and GI Health Course.

This course contains my special rotation diet recipes for optimal gut health, training videos, food worksheets, the Ultimate Gut Health Supplement Guide, access to my private Facebook community where you can consult our experts free of charge, and more!

It worked for Morgan the dog (pictured below) and I know it will work for your pet too. Check out Morgan’s story...

Home-Cooked Pet Food benefits 2

Morgan, a 13-year-old Welsh Terrier, came into the office suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel disease and early stages of kidney failure.

Her parents noticed that she looked and acted older than previous months and felt concern that her enjoyment of life was rapidly slipping away.

With a diet rotation and elimination diet and supplements to support her gut health, kidney function, and a healthier aging process, Morgan’s parents noticed immense changes. 

From March to July, her changes on the outside matched the changes on the inside, including her coat color that has dramatically improved.

Her parents updated the clinic that Morgan is doing things she hasn’t been able to do in years with her increased strengths. She’s back to her old terrier ways enjoying long walks and playing ball.

Give your pet the gift of a healthy gut with my Gut Instincts: Natural Digestion and GI Health Course.

Cooking for Your Pet: Kidney Health

Home-cooked meals also serve as food therapy for pets who suffer from kidney disease.

Commercial pet food diets, especially dry foods, lack the moisture content necessary to promote healthy, functioning kidneys—even when your pet has access to plenty of drinking water.

This puts strain on the kidneys, which makes pets more susceptible to developing kidney disease.

On the other hand, if your pet already has kidney disease, this extra strain worsens your pet’s symptoms. This allows the disease to be more destructive than it would if you were using an all-natural home-cooked pet food diet.

In an effort to help add years to your pet’s life and take away discomfort caused by kidney disease, I put together a 5-Step Comprehensive Kidney Health Program.

When you purchase this program for your pet, you’ll receive my homemade pet food recipes for kidney health, education on kidney disease, access to my exclusive and private Pet Kidney Health Community on Facebook where I’ll be able to answer your questions about the program, and more!

Here are a few testimonials from pet parents who are already a part of this community. Check out what this program has done to to improve the life of their pets…

“Dr. Ruth and the Kidney Health Program helped Sabrina feel like a kitten again. We found out that Sabrina, our 14-year-old kitty, had kidney failure because she became so ill she had to go to an emergency hospital. We took her to see Dr. Ruth Roberts, as the specialists had little to offer but kidney diet Sabrina hated.

Dr. Ruth started her on home cooked food that she loved, several supplements, and later stem cell therapy. In a matter of weeks, Sabrina feels like a kitten again, and now at 16 she is more spry than when she was 12!”

– Penelope

“I would have lost Cody a year and a half sooner if Dr. Ruth had not been there to help. My Dog Cody was diagnosed with congenital kidney failure at 4 years old, and the specialist we went to see said he likely would be gone in less than a year. We were devastated.

Dr. Ruth treated him with love and the best treatments she had to offer. She guided us through the process without fear and negativity. Cody ended up living over 2 1/2 years after his diagnosis of stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease. 

I know I would have lost Cody a year and a half sooner if Dr. Ruth had not been there to help.”


Ease your pet’s suffering and add years to your cat or dog’s life and check out the  5-Step Comprehensive Kidney Health Program.

I Know Your Pet Will Love a Home-Cooked Diet!

It’s amazing how much  pets love  The Original CrockPET Diet® .

Most dogs dance for their meals, and even finicky cats can’t wait to chow down at meal time.Best of all, the pet owner can control exactly what the pet is eating, and see what ingredients work best for each pet.

Your pet’s best health starts in the bowl.

Get instant access to The Original CrockPET Diet® recipe here.

Get instant access to the Gut Instincts: Natural Digestion and GI Health Course.

Get instant access to the 5-Step Comprehensive Kidney Health Program

Cheers to a Lifetime of Great Health!
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