August 6, 2017

The Best Ingredients for Pet Food: Making the CrockPET Diet Work

The Original Crockpet Diet Recipe

You may know that The Original CrockPET Diet is a great way to bring the best ingredients for pet food to your four-legged friend's bowl. But you may not know that you're also helping them on their way to better health with a wholesome, balanced diet. Knowing how to keep your pet on the path to great nutrition has never been easier than it is with The CrockPET Diet.

Pet parents are always wondering what they can do to help their pets be healthier. My response is always to first examine their diet. Are they getting enough essential vitamins and nutrients? Is there sufficient protein, and the right kind of protein? The key to better health lies in harnessing the best ingredients for pet food.

Why ditch the bag?

Puppy Running Through Store

If your dog or cat is eating from the bag (dry kibble), chances are you wouldn’t know the answers to these questions. But how could you? Reading labels can only get you so far. Sure, the ingredients are listed there for you to see - but many of them can be mysterious or downright unsettling. I’ve even been asked by a concerned pet owner, “Is this even real food?”

Furthermore, the nutritional information disclosed for commercial pet food is analyzed prior to cooking. Even when the kibble is baked, the cooking process removes some of the vitamins and nutrients in the food. This is one reason it can be a good idea to supplement your pet's diet with a multivitamin that will fill any nutritional holes. This is so for most home-cooked or commercial diets alike.

In an ideal world, we would be able to share with our pets the same nutritional foods we feed ourselves. Lean, cooling proteins with healthy veggies, energizing carbohydrates (not empty fillers like corn), and good fats. Ready for the good news? This is completely possible, and you don’t have to share table scraps.

What's so good about The CrockPET Diet Ingredients?

the original crockpet diet

The ingredients that go into The Original CrockPET Diet are real food. There’s no chicken meal or turkey byproduct - it’s real meat. And instead of unhealthy fillers with empty calories, you’ll find the recipe calls for vegetables. Vegetables are naturally packed with an incredible amount of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

When it comes to which vegetables to use in your pet’s CrockPET recipe, there is hardly a wrong answer. Sure, some veggies bring more vitamin c or b to the table than others. But each and every vegetable has a healthful, unique vitamin profile. You can’t go wrong! The best thing is, you can even rotate your pet’s ingredients based on seasonality.

Any tips and tricks for finding great ingredients?

If you are lucky enough to live in a climate where veggies grow year-round, you can even take advantage of the local bounty. Buying fresh vegetables may seem like it could get expensive, but it’s possible to shop smartly for ingredients. Farm stands and farmers' markets are valuable resources. Not only are you guaranteed absolute freshness, but your veggies are coming straight from the source, and you often get more beets for your buck.
On the other hand, if your local climate doesn’t support year-round growth (it’s tough to get anything to grow under snow and ice!), you still have options. Wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club can be your best friend. While you may not be getting quite the same freshness as you’d find in a farm-to-crockpot option, these stores still do a great job of stocking the good stuff.

Make Large Batches

a batch of crockpet diet

If you prefer to buy fresh from the wholesale produce section (or in large quantities from the far stand) make several batches at once. Using a large roaster, or back-to-back sessions in your crockpot, you can use all of your fresh veggies before they go bad. If you’d prefer not to make too much at once, most fresh vegetables can be frozen with no repercussions. It’s worth noting that fresh meats can be treated the same way - just be sure to follow safe food-handling practices, always.

The CrockPET Diet keeps very well in the freezer and is a breeze to thaw and serve. Freezing the diet in individual serving sizes is especially handy - my favorite way to do this is by using muffin pans.

Give Good Nutrition

Getting the best ingredients for pet food for your furry friend to enjoy doesn't have to be a bank or backbreaker. The Original CrockPET Diet is a home-cooked diet that’s easy to shop for, and even easier to make. It's a great way to protect your pet from pet food recalls and mysterious or unhealthy ingredients. Best of all, you can rest assured knowing your pet is getting fully balanced nutrition at each mealtime, and that each serving brings them closer to their best health.

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