September 18, 2019

Can You Do “More” for Your Pet?

Busy Dog and Cat

Are you and your pet at a standstill right now? Are you feeling frustrated, confused or just plain overwhelmed about their healthcare? Do you feel like there is more you can do to help them get healthier?

If your pet has ever been diagnosed with a chronic disease like Kidney Failure, the chances are good that you answered yes to one of the above questions. Chronic illness in pets is a complicated and often frustrating enemy that baffle veterinarians and pet parents alike. But many pet owners, like you, often find themselves searching for more answers than are being offered by conventional veterinarians.

Often, conventionally trained vets turn to prescription diets and pharmaceuticals to help manage chronic illness like kidney disease or GI issues. Their goal is to treat the symptoms of the disease, but the process doesn’t always address the cause.

I developed The Original CrockPet Diet after years of trial and error with conventional medicine. It always seemed like no matter how much progress I’d make with some patients, there was always something holding them back. Finally, after some serious training in holistic veterinary practice, I realized the key to true transformation started in my patients’ bowls. Wholesome, anti-inflammatory food became the strongest tool in my arsenal, and certainly couldn’t be created in a factory.

By sharing the recipe with my clients, I was able to give them control over a major factor in their pet’s treatment. We were going to the next level of healing, the “more” that so many pet parents are searching for.

When I created my Holistic Pet Health Protocols, I did it so that I could share the “more” of what you can be doing to help your pet heal and feel their best. Even though your vet is doing all of the right things they’ve been taught (hopefully), there are just so many options that they may not know about.

I designed my Holistic Pet Health Protocols, and programs like The Comprehensive Kidney Health Program, to help you fill in the gaps for your pet’s health when your vet can’t. Kidney failure, liver disease, and even anxiety can all be even better controlled when you adjust your pet’s diet, and include natural supplements or herbal remedies.

Tune in Live on Facebook this Wednesday, September 18th at 4PM PST. I’m going to talk about Kidney Disease in pets, and how you can support your pet through better healing. We’ll dive into diet, supplements and even lifestyle adjustments that can make all the difference in your furry friend’s treatment and overall wellbeing. Plus, I’ll touch on how you can care for minor issues, like skin lesions, until you can get your pet to the vet.

See you there,

Dr. Ruth Roberts

PS - Have you downloaded my app yet? iPet’s Ally makes it easy to access my advice and suggestions on your pet’s issues, no matter where you are. 



Cheers to a Lifetime of Great Health!
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