Cancer Support Protocol

Cancer Support Protocol

Reduce Inflammation, Blood Vessel Growth Into The Tumor, And Support Immune System Destruction of Cancer Cells.

Your Pet's Ally Will Coach You

When your pet has multiple or complicated health problems and conventional treatment is not working please know that there are other options.  My approach as a 30+ plus year integrated medicine veterinarian brings together all the treatments that are available today to help your pet.  The treatment plan may include any or a blend of the following: targeted nutritional healing, Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, acupuncture, laser, holistic, chiropractic and stem cell therapies.  Having owned an integrated clinic for many years I provided all these services under one roof. Unfortunately it is not easy in finding a clinic that can provide all of these treatments and services. Through my consultations I can help you and your primary veterinarian bring together the best plan for healing your pet.  

If You're Not Cooking, Start

Are you tired of worrying your pet will be left holding the bag during the next pet food recall? The Foundation of health is a healthy whole foods diet, not Highly processed chicken and corn. If you haven”t started home-cooking for your pet, The Original CrockPet Diet is the safest, healthiest and easiest diet for dogs and cats to make at home. The Original CrockPet Diet  is also complete and balanced for all life stages according to AAFCO standards. 

Keto Options are available to help feed your pet, not the cancer cells. Whole foods improveGut function as well as liver and Immune system, Slowing the growth of cancer cells. Check out My Blog about the Keto Diet Here. 

Support Your Pet to Keep Cancer Under Control

I use the products below for my consulting clients, to get fantastic health outcomes. I’ve recommended them for years, and have seen so many of my patients survive and thrive well beyond what was expected

Our Ther-Biotic formula of probiotics for dogs and cats has been carefully researched to provide the best digestive support for your pet. This broad spectrum probiotic for cats and dogs supports natural flora to promote gut health and overall wellness. The extremely high dose of microorganisms present in this formula ensures a greater amount of probiotic makes its way through your pet’s entire gastrointestinal tract.  Scientifically formulated with a full spectrum of synergistic and complementary species,  Each 0.25 teaspoon (1 gram) provides 100 billion CFU.

 Eicosamax TG High-Potency Ultra-Pure Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats (5oz) CrockPet Fish Oil is a super high potency fish oil for dogs and cats has been specifically formulated to enhance your pet’s health and quality of life. This fish oil supplement provides concentrated triglyceride-form omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The high dose of EPA found in this fish oil reduces inflammation caused by arthritis and joint trouble,as well as kidney, cardiac, and skin conditions.  The DHA found in our fish oil is necessary for strong brain development, vision and eye health. 

Artemesia has been used for centuries to treat parasites, and it has recently been found to help kill cancer cells, and prevent the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. 

It contains many biologically active compounds such as flavenoids vitamin C,  sesquiterpines, and many more

Use as part of your pets natural cancer fighting protocol. 



Coriolus versicolor or Turkey Tail Mushrooms contain PSK, which supports normal immune system function, and PSP, which may cause cancer cells to go back into normal cell death or Apoptosis. 

Cancer is considered to be caused by the stagnation of the flow of Blood and Qi In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Invigorate the collaterals gently restores this flow, and tonifies Blood to get things moving again. 

Curcuma is a derrivative of turmeric, and has been used in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for many years. Curcuma is thought to have an effect on cancer by reducing Inflammation in the body. 

Liposomal Glutathione is the biologically active form of Glutathione, the master antioxidant of the body. When the liver is not functioning properly, adding Glutathione helps the liver clear away the backlog of detoxification the liver has been struggling to keep up with. For best results, start with 1/4 dose and work up to the full dose over the course of 4 to 10 days. This product must remain refrigerated to maintain efficacy. It can be given directly in the mouth via a syringe or added to the food. The taste is not very pleasant, so if your pet is picky, give it by mouth. 

Gaia Milk Thistle provides high doses of the most bioactive milk thistle available. The liquid filled caps make it easy to supply your pet with a proper, gradually increasing dose. Milk thistle supports detoxification in the liver via one of the main pathways, but differs from the pathway Glutathione support, offering your pet’s liver a one-two punch against the build up of waste products in the body. 

Slow Cancer By Improving Gut Health & Reducing Inflammation

Gut health is the baseline defense of the body against invaders, but it is also the most important part of a normally functioning immune system. When the Immune system is functioning properly, it is better able to control cancer cells. Gut Instincts: Natural Digestion and GI Health Course shows you how to restore and maintain your pet’s GI system with a combination of Western Veterinary Science and holistic techniques. Through a series of educational videos and downloadable resources, this effective and safe program will help you restore, protect, and maintain your pet’s gut health system. This course includes: Gut Health Guide eBook 4 training videos with Dr. Ruth Rotation diet recipes Food reintroduction worksheets Restoring gut health educational slides The Ultimate Gut Health Supplement Guide Access to our private The Original CrockPET Diet™ community The Original CrockPet Diet Ebook The Original CrockPet Diet Cooking videos & other goodies! If you are searching for solutions to your pet’s gut health problems, look no further: Get started today on the road to your pet’s best health.

Dr. Ruth Talking About Lifestyle choices and Cancer

Why is Pet Cancer On the rise? 

In the near thirty years that I’ve been practicing veterinary medicine, it truly seems like the occurrence of pet cancer is on the rise. Not only that, but it’s becoming even more difficult to treat.  But when you know what you’re up against, you can help protect your pet from cancer and help them heal naturally.

When did this happen?

I can remember the days in my practice where cancer diagnosis were fewer and far between, and most often doled out to senior pets who had lots of miles on their tires.