Dr. Ruth’s Holistic Pet Health Protocols

Dr. Ruth's Holistic Pet Health Protocols

I’ve designed these protocols to help you keep your pet healthy, and to tackle the vast majority of challenges our pets face today. Under each protocol, you will find information about things you can do at home to support your pet, supplements, and courses. Regardless of what health issues your pet has going on, make sure you are following the “Keep My Pet Healthy Protocol”. It’s the foundation of good health, and for many pets with mild issues, it may be enough to make a major impact. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Staying healthy takes effort, and when your pet is healthy this protocol is simply part of the daily routine. Eat, Move, Meditate, Reduce Inflammation, & Keep The Gut Healthy

The most dreaded diagnosis pet owners face is Cancer. We are facing an epidemic of cancer in our Dogs & Cats, and natural options are rarely suggested by conventional vets. 

Liver Enzyme elevation is rarely life threatening, but it means at least 75% of the liver has been injured. Chronic liver disease can be debilitating, creating nausea, abdominal pain and needless suffering. 

Gastrointestinal Support Protocol

Gut health is the basis of all health! The gut produces 75% of Immune system function and 90% of Neurotransmitters in the body. If your pet has always had a sensitive tummy, or a recent major episode, Start Here!

Kidney Support Protocol

Kidney Enzyme elevation is very common, but most vets tell you your pet is in kidney failure. Advanced Kidney Disease is heartbreaking, but there are so many easy methods to slow the worsening of Kidney Disease. 

Anxiety Support Protocol

Anxiety Related Behavior is becoming more and more common. You know there are other options than prescription medications that just sedate your dog. Here are my best tips to help your pet be calmer. 

Vaccine & Heartworm Detox Protocol

Vaccines & Heartworm can be a part of protecting your pet’s health, but they are not innocuous. Learn how to prevent vaccine reactions, which vaccines are truly needed, and how to help your pet’s body deal with heartworm prevention medications safely. 

General Detox Protocol

General Detox Program can prevent a host of issues for your pet by reducing cell damage from environmental pollutants in the food, air, and water. But getting rid of all that garbage can make your pet feel worse, so introduce this protocol slowly. 

Allergy Support Protocol

Pet Allergies are hard to handle no matter the route you take, and chronic antibiotics, steroids and the new allergy medicines have their own risks, even though they bring relief. Here are my best holistic options to bring relief to your pet’s allergies, and get at the root cause.