As a cat owner, you aim to provide your fur baby with the best of everything. After all, finicky Mr. Whiskers is far too fancy to tolerate any of that cut-rate catnip.

Mr. Whiskers demands premium catnip, homemade cat treats, hand-knit cat toys, and unlimited behind-the-ear scratches. And because you love him, he gets all of those things.

It’s a pretty great life. But there is one more thing your kitty desires. And that is home-cooked cat food.

I know. That request might seem a little crazy. After all, you’re probably conditioned to swing by your pet store once a month to pick up a bag of dry cat food for your feline companion.

And you might be thinking, “My cat is such a picky eater. There’s no way he will eat the human food I prepare for him.”
But your cat’s body craves more than what his current fish-shaped kibbles have to offer.

And despite being skittish and afraid of the vacuum, your cat desires to eat fresh, nutritious foods, just like his wild and ferocious ancestors.

Most importantly, a diet of healthy, home-cooked, all-natural cat food will help your cat live a longer and healthier life. And that’s something we all desire as pet parents.

Keep reading to discover why home-cooked meals are better for your kitty than dry cat food.

Cat Obesity

There’s a good chance that your cat is overweight. And if your cat isn’t, there’s a good chance you have a friend or family member with an obese cat.

That’s because feline obesity is so common.

The sad part is that many people don’t think much about their cat being a little overweight. Some even think it’s cute.

But the sad truth is cat obesity, even if your cat is only 2–3 pounds overweight, is dangerous. How dangerous?

Check this out….

A normal cat should weigh in at about 10 pounds. Of course there are many different factors, including breed and build, but let’s just focus on the metrics of an average feline.

Now if that 10-pound cat actually weighs 12 pounds, he is considered 29 pounds overweight in human terms. Bring that cat up to 15 pounds, and he is now 73 pounds overweight in human terms.

That’s a big problem.

And the reason a lot of cats put on extra weight is directly connected to feeding them dry cat food. Here’s why…

  • Many dry cat foods are packed with grains, corns, and other carbs that do nothing to nutritionally support your pet’s body. All those foods do is fill your pet and cause your kitty to gain weight.
  • Dry cat foods are coated in oil. When consumed, this oil coats your cat’s mouth, which causes him to crave more food. Excessive eating leads to obesity.
  • No matter how domesticated your cat may be, he still comes from the wild cat family. And a wild cat’s diet only consists of 2–3% carbs. Naturally, your cat is not built to consume carb-loaded foods, which is why he will gain weight quickly.

Cat Dehydration

Clearly, obesity is a common problem that is associated with dry cat food. But another common health issue is dehydration.

Many cat owners are surprised to hear this. But it makes sense. The word “dry” is even in the name of the food itself.

Here’s why dry cat food cases dehydration…

  • Cats chew hard, dried-out pieces of food. While chewing, your cat’s mouth becomes dry.
  • When you cat swallows the dry food, it absorbs liquid in your cat’s stomach.
  • After your cat’s food is digested, it flushes out the water it absorbed with the waste.
  • Because the dry food doesn’t contain any moisture, there is nothing in the food that helps replenish the water inside your cat’s body besides your kitty drinking water with meals.
  • Many people think that their cat drinking water with meals balances this out. But most cats don’t drink enough to replenish the water that was absorbed and flushed out of the body. And because of that, your cat will become dehydrated.

Dehydration is scary. But the worst part is that it contributes to concentrated urine. Concentrated urine then often causes urinary tract infections, which are painful and unpleasant for your cat.

And if that’s not bad enough, constant urinary tract infections cause the kidneys to be overworked. And this contributes to your cat developing kidney disease, one of the most common diseases in felines.

All of these dehydration problems can simply be fixed by providing your cat with home-cooked cat food.

The Value of Home-Cooked Cat Food Meals

Unfortunately, cat food manufacturers have yet to develop a type of cat food that is 100% safe and healthy for your cat. But the good news is that you can feed your furry friend safe, healthy meals every time by making home-cooked cat food.

Feeding your cat home-cooked meals, such as The Original CrockPET Diet®, gives you the ability to ensure your cat’s food…

  • Isn’t stuffed with carbs and is instead packed with all-natural, fresh meats and vegetables so your cat will live a long and healthy life.
  • Is safely made at home so you avoid dangerous pet food recalls that occur on a monthly basis.
  • Is safe for your kitty’s digestive system as natural foods cooked at home in a crockpot-type cooker are easy to digest.
  • Contains the moisture your furry friend needs for healthy kidneys and other bodily functions.
  • Is balanced with the proper nutrition that helps your cat maintain a healthy weight.

Best of all, home-cooked cat food is easy to make.

All you need to do is choose a few healthy proteins, such as white fish or beef, a few vegetables, such as green beans or broccoli, and a healthy starch, such as sweet potatoes.

Throw your ingredients into a crockpot, let them cook, and, in just a few hours, you’ll have delicious homemade cat food.

To get started, I recommend using The Original CrockPET Diet®. The pet food recipes in this diet program are veterinarian formulated for maximum nutrition and health.

Gain control of your cat’s health with The Original CrockPET Diet®.

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