Hello, I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pets ally. At any rate, what I wanted to talk with you about today is liver disease. And most of the time you’re going to hear that your pet has liver disease from your veterinarian because the liver values are mildly Al of elevated on the lab work.

And so, these include things like alkaline phosphatase. It is not uncommon for us to see dogs and some cats, with alkaline phosphatases around 250. So, the top end of normal for frame of reference is about 150. So, we’ll see them floating around at these 250 values for years, literally. And they never actually develop full blown liver disease. But that means that something is out of whack. And we’ll tell you, and I’m guilty of this myself, Oh well it’s, it’s not that high.

So, you know, don’t worry about it too much. But what that really means is that something upwards of 75% of the liver has been insulted and that is not a good thing. So, it’s not necessarily meaning that it’s been, you know, the liver tissue has been DNA damaged beyond repair and certainly, the liver is one of those organs that is able to self-repair itself really, really well.

And so, this is partly why we see this chronic elevation, but not liver disease. Now it’s a whole separate story when your pet has overt liver disease, meaning that there is severe dysfunction. So, for instance, with portosystemic shunts or in young puppies, meaning that the blood flow is shunted away from the liver and it, it’s not being cleaned properly. Adult dogs can get liver damage, sort of like a cirrhosis type thing.

There’s chronic active hepatitis, that sort of stuff, and those are all just not fun to deal with for anybody. Check out the options I’ve got available for you to start working on this issue at home. 

the original crockpet diet

One thing to remember is if your pet has relatively mild liver value changes using the keep my pet healthy protocol may be enough to get things turned around. Here are several options as far as food supplements and then ways that I can assist you as well liver support protocol. So again, if you’re not cooking, start our goals here are to improve detoxification, improve liver function, and reduce liver enzymes. Detoxification happens in the liver, but the gut is also extremely important for improving detoxification.

If it’s not working properly, like if your pet has chronic sort of a sensitive stomach, I think is the thing that most pet owners said, meaning, they’d see their puppy, their kitty has diarrhea or vomiting periodically, the liver is going to be impacted.

It’s really important to make sure the gut function is good. Now the brassica veggies are the ones that are most important for improving liver health. And those include things like broccoli, kale, cauliflower those veggies. They provide phytonutrients, which actually support the liver in improving its ability to get rid of garbage. And they also improve gut function. That increase in fiber helps the good bacteria in the gut take charge and it really helps tremendously. Now as far as supplements go my goals are to reduce inflammation. Again, improve detoxification and strengthen the gut.

For those of us that are worrywarts, it can help us feel a little bit more relaxed. For supplements, again, supporting gut function supports the liver. To my patients that have chronic liver disease, any chronic disease related to the gastrointestinal tract, which delivers, considered to be part of, we will always talk about doing a rotation and elimination diet to kind of get the system back on, help on, on a sort of a stable ground so to speak.

And then if you know that your pet has got some really tough issues to solve, that’s where consultations can really be helpful. This is the link to our advanced care program.

It includes all of my digital products, the Original Crockpet diet, the kidney health diet, all of those things and also a medical record review. And then the the big thing is that I will be able to design a food plan in a supplement plan specifically for your pet and then help you adjust it as time goes on so that we’re doing exactly what your pet needs.

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