Established Client Coaching

Dr. Ruth Roberts Holistic Consultation

Established Client Coaching

Once you’ve established a coaching relationship with Dr. Ruth, the time it takes for her to get up to speed on your pet’s progress is much less. As a result, the fees for future calls is much less.

When you are ready to talk with Dr. Ruth, Click Here to purchase more time, either as a single appointment, or enroll in a monthly program at a discounted rate.  Once you have paid the invoice, then several things will happen:

You will receive an email to schedule your appointment,

You will be asked to give a brief update of your pet’s situation, response to the action plan, new issues, etc via email.

We will also send you a link to schedule a time to talk via telephone or Video chat.

Fax ( 843-800-8032) or email ( ) any new lab tests, xrays, or pictures. Call +1 213 394 2923 for more information.