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Dr Ruth is now able to give you the specific answers you need to keep your pet healthy or help them heal. She can answer your questions by email, phone, video call, or on Facebook Live

For a full and thorough Holistic Health Consultation for your pet, check out her consult options here.  Holistic Health Consultation Packages include the review of your pet’s records, labs and medical history, one-on-one calls, ongoing email support and much more.

You can also get answers to your questions quickly during her Ask the Vet Live Sessions on Facebook every Thursday at 12:30pm EST. Join the discussion for live answers, or send your questions in via Facebook or by email.

Get started with a Complimentary Email Consultation or Free 15-Minute Phone Call today (records and labs review not available with complimentary options).

Not sure which option is right for you? Email us at drruthroberts@drruthroberts.com and we’ll help you get started right away to get help for your furry friend.


Dr Ruth offers one-on-one consultation by phone, email and video chat. You’ll get the specific answers you’re searching for, as well as a diet and lifestyle plan, designed specifically for your pet. Holistic Health Consultation Packages include the review of your pet’s records and medical history, private calls with regular email communication, access to online resources and so much more.

Dr Ruth’s consultations are designed individually for each pet, to help them heal and feel their best, naturally. Dr Ruth can work alongside your regular vet to ensure your pet is getting the best possible treatment, integrating holistic and conventional therapy if needed.

Check out the available consultation options here  or email us at drruthroberts@drruthroberts.com and we can help you get started right away.

The Original CrockPET Diet™ takes advantage of using home-cooked meals made with wholesome meats and vegetables, providing your pet with optimal nutrition for a healthy life. The combination of quality ingredients and a slow, low-heat cooking process, preserves the nutritional value and moisture content of what your cat or dog eats. This method also serves to break down the cell walls of the meat and veggies, which aids in digestion and absorption of nutrition.

On top of the nutritional value provided by this diet, The Original CrockPet Diet can be modified for your pet’s specific needs or conditions. Diseases such as kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, and many others have been successfully treated by Dr. Ruth Roberts using this diet as food therapy.

If your pet has a special diet need due to illness or disease, reach out to us via email or in the private CrockPET Cooks Facebook community after joining by purchasing The Original CrockPet Diet Membership. Our team will gladly guide you toward the best recipe for your pet.

Finally, home cooking with The Original CrockPet Diet provides peace of mind that YOU have control of the quality and handling of your pets’ food. With monthly, often deadly, pet food recalls, commercial pet foods are risky to feed your pet. Stick to carefully vet-approved, hand-picked ingredients in The Original CrockPET Diet, and you’ll never have to worry about your pet eating dangerous or contaminated food again.


Once you are a member of The Original CrockPet Diet community, Dr Ruth and her team would be happy to help tailor The Diet specifically to fit your pet’s needs. Whether your pet suffers from allergies, arthritis, digestive issues or is battling kidney disease or cancer, there is a recipe just for them. 

You can post your questions or requests on the private CrockPET Cooks Facebook community, or reach out to us via email and we will send you some recommendations to create your pet’s ideal diet. 

Dr Ruth is also available for private consultation to review your pet’s current and past medical history and make diet adjustments based on their individual health. These consultations also include recommendations for supplements and lifestyle (plus its more), to help your pet live their healthiest and happiest life.