FAQ’s about The Original Crockpet Diet Recipe

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Faq about Tocpd | Crockpet diet changes

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  • Can we still rotate the recipes and follow the template?
    You can still rotate and follow the template and use substitution as preferred.  The new recipe calls for specific cuts of meats (chicken breast no skin, top-round steak, tenderloin, etc. to ake it easier for new folks to choose the meat on a specific diet. But can still use chicken thigh (no skin) etc.


  • Why is there too much oil in the Kidney Diet Recipe?
    Kidney recipes have 22tbsp of oil to make up for the calories since it has lower protein. The Kidney Recipe for dogs is also a double-batch so basically, each batch contains appx 10-11 tbsp of oil, which is only a few tbsp diffs from the previous recipe that calls for 6 tbsp.


  • How to offset the oil if pet is prone to pancreatitis or sensitive to fats?
    You can substitute 1 cup of cooked grain (cooked separately) to 1 & 3/4 tbsp of oil.
    If you want to stay at 6 tbsp of oil: 1 cup cooked rice = 1 ¾ tbsp oil
    To decrease to 6 tbsp per batch add and additional 3 cups cooked grain (cooked separately)
    *add fatty acids like fish-oil to support the kidneys


  • Can we add other food like liver or eggs instead of having iron, zinc & vitamin D as additional supplements? Yes, but it would be hard to reach the right dose, best is to use the supplements as it would make it easier to know right dosing.


  • Supplements Suggested are too pricey: Multhitera is a high-quality supplement from Klaire labs and you can also use Now Brands if you’re looking for cheaper supplements especially with the Choline supplement.


  • Can we use Rx essentials in place of HTBS: it was recommended before, however, it does not contain choline, etc more Vitamin e, zinc, calcium & iodine it has other ingredients that might cause problems for pets that are food sensitive.


  • Is there a supplement closest to HTBS?
    Closest to HTBS would be Balance-it canine supplement
    link: https://shop.balance.it/products/balance-it-canine*need to add vit e, choline, calcium, kelp
    (since it is low or does not contain them)
    dosing: add 45 grams per batch after food cools down


  • Can we add corn? super high in carbohydrates


  • Can we still use Two per day supplement? Yes, but it is low in iron, copper so you need to add both and still need to add calcium citrate, kelp etc as indicated in the recipe & taurine (optional for dogs)


  • Can we use Beans in place of rice? it will increase the protein amount, especially in kidney diets.


  • Why is there too much calcium citrate?From 5 tsp (old recipe) to 4 tbsp (new recipe)
    Calcium requirements change significantly from 2006 to 2013 and pets need more calcium supplements to sustain from 8 yrs to 15 yrs of age and provide optimal nutrition, the calcium citrate on the recipe before was at the minimum range and it would be a better idea to increase to provide optimal nutrition without reaching the maximum range.
    minimum: 1.25 grams / 1000 kcal
    maximum: 6.25 grams / 1000 kcal


  • Why is there salt on the diet? Most Commercial salt-like, table salt contains metals, sea salts are also contaminated with plastics. Redmon sea salt has a lot of minerals that give enough iodine & Support the thyroid.


  • Is Garlic Bad For Cats and Dogs, Why is there Garlic on the diet? Garlic is known to be a great anti-inflammatory ingredient and a clove of garlic per batch would be fine for dogs to consume.


  • OTHER CHANGES in the Original Crockpet Diet:
  1. added new keto recipes
  2. added liver recipes
  3. added more recipes to choose from

Please refer to this page for supplements recommendation In place of HTBS https://drruthroberts.com/what-to-use-instead-of-holistic-total-body-support/

  • You say that The Original Crockpot DietTM is a complete and balanced diet. What does that mean?


AAFCO is the organization that creates the standards for nutrient profiles in pet foods. When a diet says that is is balanced and complete for All life stages, what that means is that the diet is balanced to the minimum daily requirements for that species. Because we often cannot feed what is recommended on the bag of food or our pets would be obese, this is where supplementation becomes imperative, as the animal is not receiving anywhere near the vitamins and minerals it needs. The Original Crockpot DietTM is designed with the idea that supplements are needed to complete the diet, and provide more than the minimum requirements. 


  • Is mustard toxic to dogs

No, it is not – I have been using the mustard ground for over 20 years. In this quantity – 1 tsp per 16 cups of food, it acts as a stimulant to digestion and to clear stagnation. Most of what he has read is about giving prepared mustard in large quantities. He has said his dog has kidney disease, and likely this is the dog’s demise or something else. https://canigivemydog.com/mustard Please also note the ASPCA Poison control site does not list mustard as a food toxic to pets. https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/people-foods-avoid-feeding-your-pets


  • I have heard that garlic and grapes are toxic to dogs and cats.  


A 50 pound dog can actually consume one whole raw clove of garlic every day and be safe.  Cats are more sensitive but the amount of garlic in the crockpot is safe for both the dogs and cats.


Grapes are also known to be toxic to dogs.  Here’s the truth though.  Many years ago there was a study in which two dogs, both weighing about 40 pounds, each ate 2.2 pounds of grapes.  Those dogs became very sick due to kidney disease from a toxin in the grape skin.  There are reports in the human literature of people with eating disorders that consume 10 pounds of grapes and develop the same issue with kidney function. Dogs that have consume a few grapes each day should not have issues.  Always wash produce first – and buy organic if possible!


  • My dog has always had an issue with gas.  How will the beans and vegetables affect this?


For pets with specific dietary needs, Dr. Roberts will work with you to create a customized recipe of The Original Crockpet DietTM.  For a pet with gas issues, it may be necessary to start out with a lower percentage of beans and certain vegetables and increase them with future batches, but most clients report that gas actually is reduced on this diet. 


Many pets that go on this diet have such a wonderful metabolic response that many health issues diminish or go away.  Gastrointestinal imbalances that may be causing your pet’s gas will likely settle down.


  • Will this diet help my pet that has food allergies?


YES!  Even the base recipe may be helpful because it is made of fresh, whole foods, free of fillers, additives and preservatives.  After a thorough consult and evaluation by Dr. Roberts, a customized recipe will avoid foods your pet is known to be allergic too while remaining nutritious and balanced.  


When Dr. Roberts helps you create this custom recipe, she will also build it based on the “temperature” of the food.  In Chinese medicine, different foods have different types of energy that affect the temperature response. 


  • My pet is on a high fiber prescription food and sometimes I add additional pumpkin.  Is The Original Crockpot DietTM going to contain as much fiber as my pet needs?


In most cases yes, though for some pets we need to add additional fiber from pumpkin or other sources. 


  • Does it matter if I feed my pets once a day or twice a day?  I have a maltese, a large breed mix and 2 domestic housecats, one of which stays inside but the other one goes outside some.


Eating 2 times a day is best as it helps to keep the blood sugar more stable, and allows you to keep your pet’s body weight in better check.


  • My dog eats dry food right now.  If I start feeding him your diet will it spoil?  He doesn’t eat everything at once.  He’s a nibbler.  


Switching gradually to a new diet is always important, and we find that most pets enjoy The Original Crockpot DietTM so much that they eat the entire amount readily. If not, pick up the food after 10 minutes and put it away, offering it again in the evening. The vast majority of pets adapt to the new feeding schedule quickly.


  • My vet has always told me to only feed dry food.  He said it will help keep the teeth cleaner.  Is The Original Crockpot DietTM going to make my cats teeth bad?


Dry food needs to be at least 1 inch square for dogs, and ½ inch square for cats to make a difference in dental tartar accumulation. Feeding real food tends to make pets loll it around in their mouths more, producing saliva, and helping to keep the teeth cleaner. 


  • If it’s okay to feed human foods like this, then which food are not safe to feed?  Anything that’s toxic?  What about dairy?


Anything can create issues in large quantities, so if you are noticing issues, talk with us to make needed adjustments. Small amounts of dairy is usually safe. 


  • How long does this recipe last in the refrigerator after it is cooked?  I’m hesitant to use it for too long just in case bacteria begins to set in.


This would keep fresh food in the refrigerator for no more than 5 to 7 days


  • Why is there salt added to the recipe?

to add needed iodine and sodium, a necessary nutrient. 


  • How much crockpet diet to feed on puppies, kittens, adults & senior pets

The rule of thumb is to start with the current volume being fed and adjust up or down based on weight gain or loss. You may also need to add extra il and or carbohydrates to help gain weight.