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  • Ruth

    May 5, 2020 at 6:16 PM

    WELCOME! This is the gathering place for iPet’s Ally Members. Dr. Ruth visits this group each week in a live broadcast, to answer you questions, and share her latest thoughts, strategies, inspirations, and program information here.

    If you have a question for Dr. Ruth specifically – versus for the group or just sharing something – please use hashtag  so that I can find your questions and others can learn from it as well.

    Also, use relevant hashtags for your conversations:

    For iPet’s Ally use #iPetsAlly

    For The Original CrockPet Diet questions, use #Crockpet

    For Kidney Health Program, use #KidneyHealth

    For Gut Health Program, use #GutInstincts

    If you ever need anything from my team, just email DrRuthRoberts@DrRuthRoberts.com


    This is a community for Pet Chefs and concerned Pet Parents to ask questions, share lessons learned, and inspire one another. Any blatant sales pitches, attempts to ‘poach’ the audience, links to optin pages, rude comments, hate speech, political agendas, or violations of general human goodness will be met with a deletion of the violator’s account and access to the forum. Let’s all be cool here.

    Please note that this is a public forum and that like any public forum anything you post can be seen by others, reposted by others, shared by me, or used in any way in any format by my company in perpetuity. That means if you share a success story, I have the right to show it to my audience on stage or online or wherever without notice or compensation. You always own your content, but if you post it here it can be reposted or shared anywhere.

    Finally, let’s keep everything here positive and helpful. If we see junk or meanies, we kick you out. So, bring the joy your pets bring you, be awesome, add value, and love on one another. Let’s be cool!

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