Fresh Food vs. Dry Food

As a pet parent, you want to provide your pets with the finest of everything. Food is an essential part of our and our dogs’ daily lives. On the other hand, dogs do not get to pick what they eat. We chose what we believe is ideal for our canine companions’ health, energy level, and happiness. Many have been comparing Fresh Food vs. Dry Food and we all just wanted what’s best for out pets.


Our options have grown as the popularity of freshly made food for dogs (for some who prepare human quality fresh dog food) has developed, and deciding what is best can be difficult.

When choosing the healthiest dog food for your best buddies, here are some things to consider:

Maintaining excellent health requires a well-balanced, nutritional diet. Working dogs and service dogs have different caloric requirements than domestic pets due to their degree of activity. Puppies and adults, as well as large and small breed dogs, have different nutritional needs. Our Feline friends also needs the same.

Food allergies and sensitivity are also the main things to consider, some proteins or components, such as eggs, maize, wheat, soy, or milk, cause allergic reactions in some dogs, and that’s the last thing we wanted to happen. Dog food has to taste and smell excellent to your dog, regardless of your beliefs.

What brand of dog food is bad?

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Animal Physiology, many dog food brands had measurable beef, soy, and poultry levels. The recent pet food recalls have prompted this shift in attitude toward pet foods. Many pet owners are now wondering if they are feeding their pets the right food. Serious pet owners have been giving their pets home-prepared meals since the 2006 recall.

If your dog or cat is eating dry kibble from a bag, you are unlikely to know the answers to these questions. But how could you do that? Label reading will only go you so far. Sure, the ingredients are listed for your perusal, but many of them are enigmatic or downright frightening. “Is this really real food?” a concerned pet owner has inquired.”

So the question is, how much time do you have to spend cooking and grocery shopping for your dog?

The importance of a fully-balanced diet:

Fresh food is essential. Feeding dogs daily with a diet that is rich in natural, whole foods like beef, chicken, lamb, beans, spinach, carrots, and paired up with great supplements can improve their overall health and well-being.

Home-cooked food promotes heart health, increases energy, makes coats shine and breath smell better, improves eyesight, and improves gut health and overall health.

Although cooking for your pet might be a time-consuming & space-consuming procedure, You might want to consider doing it now because it is the best way possible. If you’re going to feed your pets homemade diets, you should prepare and cook them according to veterinary nutritionist-created recipes.
The Original Crockpet Diet recipe is a fully balanced meal for pets in all life stages. It consists of the best ingredients to a diet and includes whole-food and holistic supplements which makes it the healthiest dog food ever. 

home-cooked diet for dogs



There are numerous advantages to preparing home-cooked meals. Aside from that, homemade meals give your dog something to look forward to. In general, a dog that eats home-cooked meals is healthier and happier than one that eats packaged foods. The crockpet is one of the healthiest wet dog food.

Here are the top five health advantages of eating home-cooked meals.

1. Gut Health Improvements
Commercial dog diets typically contain additives and preservatives that disrupt your dog’s gastrointestinal equilibrium. Furthermore, the dog suffers from a variety of gut-related disorders as a result of the lack of moisture. Chronic vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, or obesity in your dog are all symptoms that he is eating bad dog food.

Cooking your dog’s food from scratch helps to restore the digestive system’s natural equilibrium. Fillers and preservatives are removed from the dog’s food, and you save money. A home-cooked meal’s nutritious content is also higher than that of commercial foods.

2. Healthy Fur & Coat

If your dog’s skin is too dry or appears to be worn off, you should start giving it homemade food. Your dog’s skin, like yours, responds to varied nutrients and moisture. Dog meals are typically dry, and they don’t assist the dog to retain moisture. On a hot day, unlike humans, a dog sheds a lot of fluids by cooling its body through mouth evaporation. Any dog with a lack of moisture, both from food and water, will have dry skin. When the skin becomes dry, it is more likely to develop allergies. Learn more about basic supplements we need to adjust their diet.

Giving supplements alongside a fully balanced diet is also a must! Food these days isn’t the same as with the food standards from the past. Fish oil, calcium citrate, Turmeric, and whole-body support are a great addition to the diet, This helps boost their immune system and maintains healthy skin and coat.

3. Kidney Health Has Improved
A dog with renal disease requires less hazardous food and enough water. A dog who eats natural homemade food sprays more frequently than a dog who eats commercial foods. If your dog is suffering from renal disease, giving them homemade foods can help alleviate the symptoms. When you feed your dog well-prepared homemade foods, you can extend their life by several years if they are well-managed. If your dog is spraying, have them tested for renal problems and begin eating homemade foods.

4. Strong Bones & Teeth
Every dog requires strong teeth. It can only rely on its fangs as a weapon. Commercial dog foods, unfortunately, do not help to strengthen teeth. A dog’s teeth are designed to tear into flesh and chew as a natural predator. The thought of giving your dog beef supplements that have already been processed would only weaken his teeth. As a result, the dog’s aggression decreases. If you rely on your dog for any amount of protection, feeding it an all-natural prepared food will assist in developing its abilities.

5. Mental well-being.
Feeding a dog food it dislikes is one of the leading causes of frustration and irritability in dogs. Your dog will be typically happy and playful if you feed them well-cooked homemade dishes. A cheerful and playful dog is more likely to engage in physical activity. The brain releases hormones that change the dog’s attitude and relieve anxiety when active. A dog who eats homemade food is usually less stressed and more energetic. It is also not easily agitated and always greets you with a smile.

Natural foods benefit dogs in the same way that they benefit humans. You give your dog a chance to live a long and happy life when you make nutritious, flavorful, and well-balanced meals for it. Every dog who eats natural home-cooked foods has clearer skin, fewer digestive issues, and is generally happier. As a result, if you value your dog, it is only acceptable for you to make well-cooked food for him. You can experiment with any of the most popular homemade dog food recipes to see what your dog prefers.

The Original Crockpet Diet e-book is now out and you can get a sneak-peak of the diet and what it is made of. To get full access to videos and recipes, you can upgrade to getting the Original Crockpet Diet Recipe and Course and join our ever-growing community of at-home chefs and get ongoing support from Dr. Ruth Roberts. The one-time fee of  $97.00 includes a weekly Q&A and lifetime access to the recipes. It will be worth it!

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