Glandular Therapy is a natural way to supplement your pet’s diet with important nutrients, and comes with a wide range of healing properties.

What is Glandular Therapy?

Dog and CowGlandular Therapy is not a new concept. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of medicine, and only became lesser known and used after the 1930’s (with the advancement of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals). It is still used today in Traditional Chinese and Holistic Medicine for animals and humans alike. Glandular therapy is considered especially effective in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease.

The basic concept behind glandular supplements is “like for like” therapy. That is, the oral ingestion of a certain, healthy animal gland will strengthen the corresponding gland (or organ). In glandular therapy, purified organ and glandular extracts are taken from animals (usually cows, sheep, pigs). These extracts are typically sourced from the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, liver, kidney, heart or thymus.

These purified extracts can be ingested in any oral form for maximum effect. The result is improved overall metabolism, health and activity of organs and body systems, thanks to improved glandular function.

Why should I consider glandular support for my pet?

Glandular supplements provide direct support to the endocrine system, which most multivitamins lack. The glandular tissues are very nutrient-rich. You can expect these supplements to be high in vitamins and minerals. But they also contain the raw material needed to rebuild tissues and damaged organs: fatty acids, amino acids, polypeptides and enzymes. This comes in especially handy when glands or organs are weakened by disease, which often occurs in cancer patients.

Glandular supplements can be a vital component of a fully balanced diet. Many essential nutrients cannot be obtained from plants and meats alone. A high quality gland-based multivitamin can fill in all of the missing holes in your pet’s diet.

Where can I purchase glandular multivitamins?


High quality glandular supplements and multivitamins are tough to come by, without the help of a doctor or veterinarian. It’s so important to know that the components of the product have been procured from a safe and reputable source.

With this in mind, new Holistic Total Body Support are natural, balanced vitamins created for dogs and cats. This multivitamin was designed and balanced to perfectly compliment The Original CrockPET Diet. For those of you who have previously used Standard Process’ multivitamins, you will find this product is comparable in formulation and effect. And it is readily available in The Original CrockPET Diet’s online store now!

Providing completely balanced nutrition for your pet has never come with so many added perks. Adding glandular support to your dog or cat’s diet is easy. It can improve their health in so many ways, helping them feel better and heal faster.

Recommended for your pets after every vaccine

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