Gut Instincts: Natural Digestive and GI Wellness for Pets!

After months of working on this project, I am ready to release Dr. Ruth Roberts Gut Instincts: Natural Digestive and GI Wellness for Dogs and Cats! Food therapy has been such an important tool to help pets achieve optimal wellness in may practice, and that is why I have been perfecting The Original Crockpet Diet ®recipe over many years. It is a major part of how I treat cancer, Kidney failure, inflammatory Bowel disease, and many other conditions. Food is the cornerstone of health, and any holistic approach to restoring health.

Included this package of information

  • Webinar that presents an overview of normal gut function
  • How gut function becomes abnormal, and
  • How you can use food and nutritional supplements to heal the gut.
  • There is also an Ebook with a detailed plan on how to make up diets to heal the gut
  • Specific supplements and doses for those supplements.
  • Worksheets are included to help zero in on foods that may be creating issues.

Lastly, there is a recipe booklet to help you learn how to cook healthy balanced meals for your pet, The Original Crockpet Diet ®recipes.

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