August 19, 2014

Food Seminar - The Era of Nutrition

Since the pet food recalls in 2006, veterinary nutrition for dogs and cats is been up in the air. After many questionable practices by the pet food industry were exposed, many small animal practitioners have relinquished their roles as experts in nutrition. And as pet owners change the way that they themselves are eating, they now believe that there is a healthier way for their pets to eat than the bag of dry food.

Mainstream nutritional education for veterinarians does not address these concerns or alternative feeding options.

In this seminar, I will discuss:

• An overview of nutrition; past and present, including current feeding trends.
• Nutrition as it relates to physiology, and why whole food nutrition is more important than ever.
• The nuts and bolts of incorporating whole food nutrition into your practice. As well as, why your clients are asking you about all those supplements, and how you can educate yourself in this area.



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