The Complete MultivitaminS

for DOGS and CATS of all Sizes, Ages, and Breeds

The Complete Multivitamin for Dogs and Cats of All Sizes, Ages, and Breeds

Carefully formulated to optimize your pet’s health and well-being, Holistic Total Body Support for Cats and Dogs is an all-natural, glandular-based multivitamin created with important glandular ingredients and taurine for cats. Designed to balance your pet’s diet, this holistic vitamin for dogs and cats can be used with any diet, including The Original CrockPET Diet.

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Total Body Support Natural Dog Supplement + Taurine for Cats

Ultimate Dog and Cat Vitamins and Supplements
60+ Day Supply of Glandular Support for Cat and Dog Health

This fully balanced formula works with your pet’s body to protect from wear and tear, disease and bodily stress.  

  • OPTIMIZE your pet’s health with an all-natural, glandular-based multivitamin for cats and dogs.
  • BALANCED nutrition includes nutrients from healthy beef and pork organs and glands for total health.
  • LOADED with taurine for cats, this multivitamin is also great for dogs prone to heart disease.
  • FORMULATED to work harmoniously with any kind of diet, including homemade, raw, canned, and kibble.
  • PROTECT your pet from wear and tear, disease, bodily stress with a 60+ day supply* of supplements.


Contains ample taurine for cat health and dogs prone to heart disease

Compliments all pet diets and wellness routines

Protects your pet from wear and tear, disease, and everyday stress

The Perfect Cat and Dog Supplements for total body support

60+ Day Supply of cat and dog multivitamins and supplements based on requirements for 50 pound dog. (150 day supply for smaller dogs and cats <20 pounds). HUGE SAVINGS — less than $1 day for balanced, all-natural nutrition.

Total Body Support for your dog and cat

Made with important glandular ingredients sourced from Argentina and Brazil

Raw ingredients promotes internal health, gut health, and healthy endocrine systems

No hidden ingredients or additives

Ensure your pet is THRIVING with the best holistic vitamins for cats and dogs!

Cheers to a Lifetime of Great Health!
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