iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 09-29-20: Should the protein be reduced when your pet has high creatinine?

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up 09/29/20

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Hello! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pets’ ally. I hope you are all well and you guys have a lot of great questions.

1. What is the appropriate dosing of Ancient Nutrition Multi – Collagen protein? 

Assuming you have a large dog, the dose of Ancient Nutrition Multi – Collagen protein that I would do probably give is half a scoop and maybe a full scoop if he’s having problems. If things are not too bad, then go ahead and just use half a scoop.

2. What are the benefits of the different types of collagen?

So, some really interesting things coming out about Type 1, 2, and 3 collagens, it turns out that not only is the Type 2 helpful for joints, and the Type 1 and 3 helpful for hair and skin, Type 5 and 10 help to lay down collagen both all of them inappropriate ways. The thing that’s interesting is that they’re beginning to see associations with improved cognition in the elderly, so that’s pretty fantastic. I hope that is helpful.

3. What is the best brand of dog harness?

Ruffwear is the brand that I used for our larger dogs when they were travelling with us as well as for our little guys, which are kind of just chill.
So, basically how it works is that the loop goes under the seatbelt. What you’re going to do is run that seatbelt through that loop and buckle it in so you have both the backstrap, the chest strap, and the lap strap going through, so it’s anchored down pretty well. I have to say that this really did work well for me as far as the dogs we’ve had; English Setter, a labyrinth, and an American Pitbull, Terrier, and Brittany Spaniel. At any rate, look for the Ruffwear brand.

4. What is the difference between CBDA and CBD?

It turns out that in the plants itself, whether it’s hemp or whether it’s the cannabis plant, CBDA is a precursor to CBD.
So, if you are a marijuana user and if you smoke, then you’re never going to get any CBDA. The interesting thing is that it does appear to have some pretty significant effects. The interesting thing about it is that the CBDA was difficult to isolate and put into a form that was usable by the body but it does have some pretty interesting effects as far as inhibiting Cox – 2 which is what things like carprofen, galliprant and all of those things do which is to reduce pain. It also has some anti-anxiety and anti-nausea effects and evidently, it is far more potent than just plain old CBD.

5. What are the things that your pet can take for seizures?

When I first started practicing in 1990, 2.1 was the high level and I think what has happened over time is that pet diets in general, have become higher in carbohydrates and so when pets are eating a higher protein diet their creatinine will go up to some degree. Now, assuming that your pet has a creatinine of 1.8 which is technically high and has had a seizure, what I would suggest perhaps, is to use some quercetin. So, quercetin you would use at, for a 40 odd pounds dog, you could use 200 milligrams quercetin 2 times a day.
The goal with that is two things: Quercetin seems to reduce the deposition of advanced glycosylation in products on the nephron. They are appropriately called age but they are what creates the scarring of the nephron and creates some problems, so that’s going to kind of head things off at the pass plus it’s a great antioxidant.

6. Should the protein be reduced when your pet has high creatinine?

Absolutely! This is where I would reduce protein. I typically do not like to do that with kidney disease until the creatinine is much higher, 4 or 5, and or the phosphorus is not well controlled.

7. How does SDMA Test works and what is IDEXX?

Assuming that the renal tech for your kitty was positive and so I’m guessing maybe that’s an SDMA test.
Here’s the thing I don’t like about this test, IDEXX– the company that makes it, they’re estimating that something like 85% of cats that are 14 years of age and older will have a positive SDMA test. If she’s a super picky eater, this is kind of tough so I would keep on feeding with what she will eat happily so that she maintains her muscle mass and then maybe consider subcutaneous fluid if that is possible once or twice a week. There are several other things out there. Anything with broth, clam juice, any of those flavoring agents, they’re great VO. I think for older cats even if they don’t have the evidence of kidney disease, sometimes if we give them sub – q fluids or somehow increase the fluid consumption they just seem to feel better, it’s kind of like us if we’re all dehydrated most of the time it’s just not much fun.

8. What is Calamari Oil?

Here’s the thing I would say about that; I can’t tell you that calamari oil is any better than any other fish oil. It is DHA predominant which has some benefits for the G.I tract but I think if that’s not your specific thing, then what I would do is look at more balanced fish oil. Actually, Doctor’s Best is a pretty decent brand. Unless you’re using a high DHA product for a specific reason, I think using a more balanced product is a better idea. Now, the other thing I’ll ask you to notice here is that we’ve got the orange oil and the natural mixed tocopherol. You would see tocopherol in a ton of some of the supplements and it’s a vitamin E and they’re in there purely to preserve the product itself, so that’s what I got for you.

9. What is the appropriate dosing of melatonin in pets?

Here’s another interesting thing about melatonin; so, we typically end up using super high doses in dogs and cats but a more physiologic dose especially if your pets got maybe some low-level anxiety or difficulty sleeping things like that. For people is point 2 – 5 milligrams right before bedtime, so that may be something else to pursue as well.
I think that is it. That’s about all I’ve got for you today. We’re heading towards Mexico tomorrow. I’ll see you guys on Monday, October 5th. We’ll be in Phoenix for a couple of days and then head South further form there. So, until then, take good care of yourself. Check out the reverse brain autoimmune summit that will be starting October 3rd I believe it is. That’s what I have for you, thanks for all your questions and again, apologies about the site being down we hope to have that up today this afternoon and get it stable. So, until next week, take good care, give all your pups a hug and a kiss. Thanks!