iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 11-23-20: Possible treatment for your dog’s vomiting

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up 11-23-20

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Hello! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts. I hope you are well. Thanks for joining on today and I’ve got several great questions from you all. I’m going to pop over to the Facebook page so we can start there.

What are the best products for flea control?

I suggest Wondercide and then the Shoo tags which I think I finally have it through my head. It’s called 0Bug! Zone and with any of the natural flea control products, you’re going to need to use them pretty close to a daily basis when things are bad.

The other thing I talked about too last week was the fleabusters.com for products that you can use to treat the environment to get rid of the eggs and larvae that are not toxic. Now, the 0Bug! Zone used to be called Shoo tags and they seem to create some sort of electromagnetic frequency that keeps the bugs off. I had clients that absolutely swore by them and I guess they have different types of tags but they put them in a multi–pack. The one codicil to this is, if your pup has had any seizures, you do want to be cautious because I have seen them make the seizure threshold drop to the point where the dog started to seize again, so there’s a link to that. The other thing is that, don’t forget the blog. On our website, drruthroberts.com under pet advice, we’ve got several different blogs we’ve written about flea control and things to avoid.

A client says she uses Seresto collar and I also think it is sort of the least toxic out of all the stuff that’s out there that does a great job for fleas and ticks as well. The other thing is that if you need something to kind of clean things off, don’t forget about Capstar. If you’re not familiar with that, it is a tablet that you give which starts working in about 2 hours or something like that. The thing that’s neat about it is that it seems to have very effects on the pets themselves and kills every adult flea that’s on them whether it’s dog or cat. It begins to start working in 30 minutes and is good for about 24 hours, so if you’re going into a situation where you know your pet’s going to be exposed to fleas, this is not a bad solution either. Here’s the weird thing, if you’re in Florida, they say the fleas are bad in summer but actually, they’re worst in the fall when it starts to cool down in the southeast because it’s too hot for them.

2. What is the purpose of Yucca root in supplements? And what are the products for treating inflammation?

So, Yucca root is in a lot of supplements. I have never seen it as a single – use supplement or as the primary of an anti – inflammatory. It had been used as a remedy for controlling inflammation and things of that nature. Evidently, it’s very high in resveratrol which is a great antioxidant so it’s interesting.

Now, for inflammation, what I would do is try a product, there’s a ton of them out there. For small size, I would probably try half a dose and see if that helps with the inflammation. Also, one of the things I’ve been experimenting with is ginseng and black ginger because they evidently have both profound anti – inflammatory effects and are immunoregulating so for people that have fibromyalgia like I do or autoimmune type disease, evidently, they’ve been very helpful. I’ve been taking them now for a month as well as a high dose of garlic extract and I have to believe they are actually helping.

The other thing is, is that in Mexico, you can walk into a drug store and buy metformin and that’s been touted as a treatment for fibromyalgia weirdly and kind of everything else. Biohackers really love it because it helps improve cognitive function. That’s something I have to read about in dogs and I don’t know if it’s safe to use in dogs or not and probably, in most of the western countries you can’t simply walk into a drug store and get it but here it’s ridiculously cheap. The only thing you can walk into a drug store and get are fluids, so the line sets, needles, and the bags of fluid. We’ve been having Mona as I have mentioned, and so that’s been a real benefit to be able to just walk in and take care of that. Unfortunately, they don’t have Cerenia but that’s okay. I think the vets can help with that and she seems to not need it at the moment which is wonderful.

3. Possible treatment for your dog’s vomiting

For Nux vomica, yes, I wouldn’t give more phosphorus. That doesn’t make sense to me. And it is possible that it is a parasite and it’s also possible that his or her liver and gallbladder is angry again and it’s also possible that he or she just still has quite some really gnarly maldigestion. Keep us posted on how she’s doing.

4. What are the possible treatments for quasi – autoimmune disease? And what should be done when your pup has rotten tooth?

Suppose we’re looking at a quasi – autoimmune disease, I’ll reach out to you to kind of give you a dosing regimen for kaolin, red ginseng, and black ginger once I make sure that everything is safe for these guys.

And then assuming your pup has lost some teeth and has one broken tooth so it’s only wanting to eat soft food like ground meat or fish, what you should do is take her to the vet to get her checked out. The cough, I mean, if he or she’s got some rotten teeth in there, the cough could simply be due to the fact that he or she is swallowing basically infected grossness from around the teeth. At this point, you kind of have to just give her what she’s going to eat and then try to get a vitamin into to help kind of balance things out.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week. Happy Thanksgiving to you coming up this Thursday. And we will be running our Black Friday Cyber Monday sale at 25% off. Again, if you missed it with some great kind of add – on, so until next week. Remember, your pet’s best health starts in the bowl. I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pets’ ally.