iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 11-30-20: When should you use ArthriSoothe, Phyto Spore, and Pure Fish Oil?

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up 11-30-20

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Hello! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts. I hope that you all had a very happy Thanksgiving. We don’t have a lot of questions today but I have a couple of things to share with you.

1. When should you use ArthriSoothe, Phyto Spore, and Pure Fish Oil?

Assuming you are currently giving your pup previcox, ArthriEase GOLD, Juvenile canine and uses inflapotion and herberprint on the weekends, what you would need to do is add them one at a time so that if there’s an issue, you’re super clear about what’s creating the issue. I would start with the fish oil and use it at 50 to 100 milligrams per kilogram per day. If your pup is in the neighborhood of 70 pounds and so that high dose would be 3500 milligrams of omega – 3 fatty acids per day.

The Pure fish oil I think, it’s 750 milligrams of omega – 3 fatty acids per teaspoon so I’d start at a teaspoon there. After a couple of days and there are no problems, then what I would do is start with the Phyto spore. If your pup has been having pretty smooth and easy gut function, then what I would do is just go ahead and give a whole capsule per day and give that 3 to 5 days. Now, if it’s been a little dicey diarrhea or constipation, what I would suggest is starting with a quarter of a capsule and gradually working up over the course of a week or even two weeks to a whole capsule per day. What I’m hoping you’re going to see is that your pup’s comfort level improves and all is well.

Now, for ArthriSoothe, once you’ve got both of those on board, what I would do is start with a capsule twice daily. There are some things in the ArthriSoothe that are not present in the ArthriEase. But the big plus is that it is not chicken – based, so if your pup’s got some issues with chicken, I would stop the ArthriEase GOLD and then go to two capsules of ArthriSoothe twice daily for a month and then drop down to one twice a day or whatever your pup’s dose is. What you might be able to do, hopefully, is improve pain level and diminish the amount of previcox you are using which is really the ultimate goal. If you are using full dose of ArthriSoothe and ArthriEase, then that’s less impact on her internal organs especially the kidneys so I hope that makes sense.

2. What are CBDA, CBD and THC?

I finally got through more of the courses on CBD and THC as medicine and it’s very interesting. So, you all had asked about CBDA previously which is converted into CBD in the body whose form is very difficult to maintain. For instance, you might start out with 100 milligrams of CBDA in a product but overtime it tends to deteriorate to CBD so it may or may not be worth of the extra cost of buying a CBDA product although it has better effects as far as inflammation, pain control, and things of that nature.

The other thing that’s interesting is that both CBD and THC are cox inhibitors much like previcox is a cox – 2 inhibitors, aspirin is a non – selective, so cox – 1 and cox – 2 inhibitors. I did some searching so half a milligram is considered to be the starting dose for THC.

Now, dogs and cats have a lot more CBD 1 and 2 receptors in the brain so that’s why their dose whether it’s THC or CBD, may be significantly lower. So, start low and work your way up. The other upside is that it appears to help with cognitive dysfunction. Personally, one of the things that happened with my pup when she started having more issues with her kidneys, is that she refused to eat alpha lipoic acid and coq10 which had been kind of maintaining that little bit of sundowner syndrome and cognitive dysfunction she had been having so when that stopped, that got a lot worse.

Now, the potential downside is that THC by itself can create some dysphoria, anxiety, paranoia, things like that but it had been really good for my pup so far and we’re about a weekend, so definitely check that out.

If you all live in states where marijuana is grown legally particularly for recreation, one of the other fascinating things is that people are actually juicing the marijuana leaves so the fresh green leaves – the five fingers guy which is sort of the ubiquitous symbol of marijuana. From the juice, they get a terrific amount of THCA and I suspect in hemp plants you might get some CBDA. The upside in these compounds is that there’s no high effects of the THC but you get all of the good effects as far as anti – inflammatory, just help support the body in many ways. Definitely check that out if you are able to because I suspect it will cost you next to nothing and you may see a really huge benefit.

Again, this is another way to potentially get our pets off of the prescription non – steroidal drugs and things like tramadol and gabapentin that may help but create other side – effects we’re not so happy about. I have to say, just plain old THC at a half a milligram is really good.

We will be sending an email out later this week asking you to create a new password for the member site and we’re switching things up a little bit. We finally got things figured out and we’re able to get rid of one more piece of software that was breaking periodically and creating some issues. As I mentioned in the CrockPet, we’ve got some changes coming so all of the products we’ve got in stock, we’re selling them at 25% off so that’ll be going through today and frankly, until I’m able to sell through the products. In place of them, we’re going to give you access to a platform called full script which is every supplement you can possibly imagine and because you are Ipet’s Ally members, you will get 10% off everybody else in the CrockPet will get 5% off but you will be able to order kind of what you want when you want it. I’ll set up some protocols in there so that you can see the products that I suggest.

If there are things that you want for yourself, please feel free because it’ll be a good price for you essentially. The other thing is that, we will have really awesome curcumin product coming on board that’s specifically at a dose that’s good for pets and it is made up in coconut oil with BioPerine, black pepper and some bacon flavor to make it a bit more palatable for pets which will be coming shortly. And this is what I’m really excited about, standard process will be on our storefront, so if you want standard processed products you can just order them directly from the store and we’ll get them straight to you.

That’s what I have for you today. Until next week. Keep your pets healthy and happy. Give them a big hug for me. I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. Thank you!