There is a better path to healing & caring for your pet. let me be your guide and ally.


Natural, holistic solutions for your furry friend.

If you landed on this page, chances are you’ve been looking for natural, holistic solutions for your furry friend.

If you’re like many of the pet-parents I work with on a daily basis, my guess is that you’ve been feeling frustrated and maybe even unsupported in your decision to follow a more natural path to healing.

Maybe you’ve spent a ton of money on expensive treatments and have yet to see significant improvement in your beloved animal. Or maybe you can’t afford the treatments suggested by your conventional veterinarian and wish there was a better way, one that doesn’t include the harsh medications.


Maybe you’ve been to several conventional vets in your search for the right ally, each time feeling discouraged and misunderstood, leaving with yet one more prescription and a bag of “vet approved” dried pet food but no real, tangible answers to your burning question.

You might question whether a holistic approach is the right one or if it’ll even work. Yet, you can’t shake that feeling in the pit of your stomach that there might just be a better, safer way to care for your animal.


But where should you even start? 
Who can you trust to guide you on your pet’s healing journey?

Dr. Ruth Roberts

Hi, I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, a holistic veterinarian with an integrative approach to pet health. 

In my practice, I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of dogs and cats overcome health hurdles such as chronic kidney disease, GI illness, allergies, and cancer. 

I combine scientific facts, decades of clinical work and a holistic, integrative approach to help you find solutions that’ll nurture your furry-friend back to optimum health.

My Job? To Be Your Pet’s Ally, And Yours!

No more second-guessing, worrying or wondering if you’re doing it right. No need to fall down the rabbit hole, sifting through unending contradictory information on the internet.

No more being paralyzed by a diagnosis and feeling stuck not knowing what to do.

As your ally, I’ll guide you in finding the answers, diagnostics and alternative solutions to bring your pet back to health.

You’ll no longer need to worry if your pet is getting the right treatment or if you’re following the right course of action. 

Dog Sleeping on Bed

Nurture your pet back to health naturally

Sick around the holidays

Together, we’ll explore the best available options to nurture your pet back to health naturally, safely and effectively.

My insider’s knowledge of the veterinarian industry will save you a ton of time (and a ton of money). I’ll help you avoid costly mistakes, unnecessary suffering, treatments, and tests that may not be the best for your pet. Instead, we’ll focus on designing the right plan for your beloved animal.

My goal?
To help your pet heal faster
and dramatically improve
her quality of life.

After hearing from so many pet-parents who reported feeling unsupported and, quite frankly, overwhelmed, I decided to pour my heart and soul (and my years of expertise) into creating iPets Ally in the hopes of alleviating any burden you currently carry on your shoulders while caring for your pet.

Welcome to iPets Ally!

A monthly membership PACKED with trustworthy resources to guide you through whatever 

challenges your pet may be going through at this time or in the future.

welcome to ipets ally

iPets Ally is an easily accessible library of videos, mp3s, and ebooks organized by topic, all of which you can dive into from the comfort of your own home.

In this digital library, you'll find topics addressing:






Arthritis support

Dental care


Brain & Cognitive Support

Supplement Dosing Instructions

ipet's ally

So far, we covered over 153 topics! And I’m constantly adding to the library and making sure the topics are relevant. 

Each week, I do a live Q&A session for my iPets Ally subscribers where you can get answers to your questions in real time. All broadcasts are recorded, so you can get the info anytime you need it.  For example, we can’t ignore the fact that there’s a lot of misinformation out there on COVID-19, and many pet-parents are currently worried about whether this virus will impact their own and their pets' health.

In our monthly group calls, I’ll cover pressing issues and answer any questions you have on how to best support your pet at this time. We’ll also address sensitive topics such as “to vaccinate or not?”; side-effects of harsh medications; and safe, alternative treatments. We’ll look at scientific facts and explore these topics from a grounded, non-fear-based mindset.

But iPets Ally is not just a membership site. It’s a place for you to feel safe to ask any questions, to share your experience, and to connect with a like-minded community.

Let’s face it: we’re living in stressful times, and getting the right support could truly be a game-changer for you and your pet.

Benefits of iPets Ally:

Access the content anytime, anywhere. Want to cuddle up on the couch with your fur-baby as you sift through a topic that calls to you? Log in and enjoy the practical, actionable content I’ve created for you.

Connect with a like-minded, supportive community by logging in to the group forum -- a great place to ask questions or share your pet’s progress!

Each week, I do a live Q&A session for my iPets Ally subscribers, where you can get answers to your questions in real time. All broadcasts are recorded, so you can get the info anytime you need it. 

And, with your ULTIMATE iPets Ally membership, you can join my monthly live group calls and ask me anything. I’m here to help and make sure you have everything you need to feel confident in your holistic healing journey.


When you purchase your membership, whether it’s monthly or annually, you get access to the entire library of content. For that reason, we do not offer refunds.

Absolutely. I offer one-on-one consulting, and, for a limited time, When you subscribe, you can get my signature consultation for just $75 -- that’s $75 off the normal cost. Click here to reserve your 1x1 consultation.

This depends on the size of the group and who shows up. I will be teaching on a topic the group selects each month and then answering questions on the topic. Similar questions on other specific problems will be answered as a group. One pet may be used as an example of how to approach whole care for that particular disease issue. 

Every Broadcast is recorded, and will become part of the lesson content. Each Video will have a transcript, and an audio file available for download.  

The content you’ll find in the membership goes in-depth into specific health issues. I answer questions our members send in each week. This is the kind of content I only share with iPet’s Ally members. The other huge plus is that with your ULTIMATE membership, you get access to me personally on our monthly group coaching calls so you can ask me any questions. No one else gets this kind of access to me unless they buy my premium 1x1 coaching packages. So for a minimal investment, you get the peace of mind of not having to figure it all out on your own and you get clear, actionable steps to support your pets health.

I totally get it. That’s why I made the content easy to search so you can jump straight to the section that applies to you. Also, many of the videos are short and to the point, so you’ll get the information you need and be able to apply it quickly. Lastly, if there’s anything you need clarity on, jump on our live calls! Those calls alone are worth your monthly ULTIMATE membership investment as they’ll save you a ton in vet bills.

Cheers to a Lifetime of Great Health!
Medical information or statements made on this site are not intended for use in or as a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of any health or physical condition or as a substitute for a veterinarian-client relationship which has been established by an in-person evaluation of a patient. This information and advice published or made available through this website is not intended to replace the services of a veterinarian, nor does it constitute a veterinarian-client relationship. Each individual’s treatment and/or results may vary based upon the circumstances, the patients’ specific situation, as well as the health care provider’s medical judgment and only after further discussion of the patient’s specific situation, goals, risks, and benefits and other relevant medical discussions.

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