iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 01-25-21: Is the turmeric product designed to be given with or without a meal?

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up

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Hey there! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. I hope that you are all well.

1. Is the turmeric product designed to be given with or without a meal?

I think you can provide it, either way, but just for palatability’s sake, I would give it with a meal because it tends to disappear a little easier. Turmeric has a very pungent taste, so that’s the reason for the beef and the pork flavoring. Anyway, I’m excited to get your feedback about it. It reminds me, too, that we’ve got that contest going on until the 31st, where you can win a bottle of turmeric product.

2. What do you feed a dog with chronic pancreatitis?

Lower fat food is the answer. Suppose your pup’s always having bouts of it and the pup is on the low – fat diet already, you can try another brand and see if it’s better because it may be that there’s something in there that’s creating the issue like the cellulase and things of that nature. Now, with CrockPet, you would want to take down a couple of tablespoons of fat. The interesting thing is that for a dog with a bout of pancreatitis and has never looked back, the diet needs to be lower in fat, but it doesn’t need to be too low because some health issues can happen in low-fat diets over time.

Now, the problem is that we don’t know precisely how low it needs to be, so the internists say that it needs to be lower than it used to be. Now, the CrockPet’s at about 30% fat. Does it need to be at 25% fat, or does it need to be at 22% fat? And unfortunately, for the dogs that have recovered, you have to try it and gradually go from there.

The other thing with chronic pancreatitis is that it is not necessarily associated with fat but often can be related to stress. Also, what you can do is use probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce anxiety levels. I mean, there are several things, but this is where you have got to kind of hone in on what the problem is. Is it just pancreatitis, or is there some level of anxiety going on? so check that out too.

3. What other products are used in treating skin disease?

They said that the salve might help tremendously as far as getting things under control. Now, for ozone oil, let me know how the it is doing as well. Here’s the thing; when you get that two a day, try doubling it up for about a week and then see if that takes care of things. Also, I would stop the FidoSpore if there’s a defatted beef liver.

Now, Glacier Peaks is one of Adored Beast’s products. However, this is not going to be a complete multivitamin supplement and that’s expensive too. That may help as far as minerals, but that is not a complete multivitamin even though it says it. These are a bit low as far as b – vitamins. I think this is not going quite to get you there. Considering that even the b-12 is at .22 micrograms, and 3 – micrograms, you’re roughly 30% too low. This may be a useful supplement in addition to what you’re doing with the minerals, but I don’t think this is sufficient to balance a diet.

4. Leaky Gut Syndrome: Top Gut Healing Support

One of the top supplements for gut healing support is the Mega Mucosa. Although it is expensive, it works differently. It works on supplying immunoglobulins and specific amino acids to help repair the gut. The other thing that you would want to look at is at least a product with the slippery elm. So, the Heartburn TX would be a better approach because it’s going to work on healing the gut in specific.

The difference between Heartburn TX and Mega Mucosa is that Mega Mucosa provides more things like slippery elm and things of that nature, making it a better option. Still, these are the specific products that you would want to look at for gut healing – glutamine, glycine, glucosamine, diglyceride, licorice, and then aloe vera. I feel that the mega mucosa is probably better. It is expensive, no two ways about it, but I would check this out. Again, we have 2 or 3 left in stock of these that we’re trying to sell through, so we can do a deal on that.

And then suppose your pup has a bump, which is very strange, what I would suggest doing is take a drop of that CBD and put it on top of there. L – glutamine is helpful as well, so that’s something else you could use. The glycerin and the de-glycerized licorice, is tremendously helpful. This may be a pimple, so you can do a couple of things; one is Epsom salt to help bring things up to ahead, and then the second would be to apply a drop of CBD oil to help get it back under control. If it is a pimple or like a papilloma, or something of that nature, what should happen is that any guck that’s stuck in there should come out. With glutamine, you’re going to want to go for something in the neighborhood of like 250 to 500 milligrams 1 to 2 times a day. I hope that’s helpful.

All right! That’s what I have for you today. Hopefully, that has everybody all good to go. You guys take care. I will put the link for tomorrow’s Ipet’s Ally Ultimate Q and A at 4 P.M mountain at the Facebook group. Take good care!