iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 01-4-22: What is a good alternative for expensive lanthanum?

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1. What is a good alternative for expensive lanthanum?

The other one that’s out there is sevelamer. It used to be pretty expensive but I think it

has come down in price. This drug is available in 800 milligrams and a 400 milligrams form but

it is still not cheap. 90 tablets are about 323 bucks of the 800 milligrams size but you could use

an 800 milligrams table and use a quarter of a tablet three times a day. However, ask your vet if

he/she’s willing to do this. If you haven’t used aluminum hydroxide, then yes, absolutely! Use it.

You can go find something called RX phos bind. That’s a much cheaper route if you’re using

nothing at all. You’ll be able to get this in the drugstore as a product called Alterna Gel but

evidently, it’s just not available anymore. At high doses over a long period of time, there is

concern for aluminum toxicity which is why a lot of the internist are going straight to things like

lanthanum but that’s dreadfully expensive. I mean for 35 bucks you can get things started. You

may be able to find this on Amazon and in the pet store as well, so check that out. But yes, if

you’re using nothing at all, start with aluminum hydroxide. Do ask your vet about sevelamer

because it is a good alternative and it is not horribly expensive, so check that out and see if that’s


2. How do you treat anemia aside from the erythropoietin or darbepoetin?

What I would do is just start with some iron. One good one would be the Now iron

product although you would want to use probably a half a capsule there or probably even better.

I’m so sorry I cannot remember how much your pup weighs but let’s say for a 20-pound dog and

under, I would use a half of a capsule and for everybody above that, a whole capsule per day.

The goal is to make sure that there are sufficient materials for the red cells to make enough

materials. SO, there’s enough iron, there’s enough things going there. I would try that out.

3. Is it okay to increase kale and red meat?

Yes, you can certainly do that but I would just add a supplement to kind of give your pet

a big whopping dose of it. The Standard Process ones are in a food-based form. What you can do

is add in the Ferro food, get some raw materials on board, and then get the hematocrit checked

about 2 weeks later so that the body’s had enough time to start utilizing them.

Red cells take roughly one week to turn over so after the end of week, the majority of

them start to die off but there are a new one being made from the bone marrow and kicked out.

When the kidney starts to fail, they do not produce enough erythropoietin, which is the hormone

that stimulates the bone marrow to make more red cells and so this is the problem, but there’s

also something called anemia of chronic disease. Most of the times vet see anemia for kidney

patients. They’re like, “Oh, these kidneys are really failing” and sometimes that’s the case. But if

you’ve been sick for a long time, a lot of times it is anemia of chronic disease.

B-12 is another really important vitamin. Many of the B vitamins are needed for the

production of red cells and so it doesn’t have the raw materials to make this stuff, so take that

stiff first. If I’m remembering correctly, the hematocrit was down to like 25% or 26% so at that

borderline is where we’d start to consider those erythropoietin injections so see if that is helpful.

4. Is the kidney support on petwellbeing.com of excellent quality?

I’ve had a lot of mixed reviews on this product. I’ve had a lot of people say that it is the

best thing since sliced bread. It did amazing things for my pets and to other people, not so much.

Give it a try and hope for miracles. I don’t think there’s anything that’s going to hurt. 

5. What is the dose for Mega Mucosa?

The golden dose will be a teaspoon per day. It does have a raspberry lemonade flavor but

it’s not potent. I’ve taken it and it does have a little bit of a taste but not too bad. What I would

do with that is start with literally and 8 th of a teaspoon, mix that into the food and gradually get

you’re your pet accustomed to it. If that doesn’t work, you can try adding it to some water

sometimes because they really like the taste. Start slow and work your way up. The vast majority

of clients that have used it have had no problems but you may need to start slow and build your

way up. Go for a teaspoon and if you get there and everything’s super, then go for a teaspoon

twice a day but do start slow and work your way up.

6. Does rhubarb help reduce inflammation? And how to trick your pet into taking mega


Yes, that may be a good option right now because it’s another way to add something that

will really help reduce inflammation at the level of the kidney and help slow things down. The

other option is to take something really super delicious that she can eat without issues like

liverwurst. Put that quarter teaspoon in the liverwurst, kind of wad it up in a little ball and hand it

to her that way, so that’s another option too. Usually, things like liverwurst have such a strong

odor that they’re going to mask almost everything.

7. What is the best Kelp powder?

The Now one is perfect. We’re going to start carrying that on the store. And yes,

absolutely. Because we’re not using the salt for iodine, it can indeed be sea salt or Redmond’s

real salt. Because, as my mother would say, pissed in the grits, all sea salts are now contaminated

with plastics. This is something we’ve used for years in place of Himalayan salts because it

seems to have minerals in it but you could use any of those, so check that out.

8. How to treat anemia chronic disease?

I would treat that first with some iron and I would just go for a supplement. Get it in there

and recheck the hematocrit in two weeks. If it is stabilizing and the kidney values are stabilizing,

then ride that way for a little bit. If it is not getting better and it is going lower, then that’s when I

would go for the erythropoietin. We talked about Ferrofood from Standard Process, which we’ve

got on the website. I would say start with a half a capsule per day. I would start with this half of

one per day, and recheck where the hematocrit is in two weeks. \

We’re going to be doing some fun stuff. About the 8 th , we’ll do a sale on Standard

Process’ cleanse products. Also, come somewhere around the 28 th of this month, I’m going to do

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So, that’s what I’ve got for you. Happy New Year everybody! I’ll see you next week and

until then. Give everybody a big hug. Thanks!