iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 02-15-21: What should be done when your pups are in a two day vitamin and mineral supplements?

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up

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Hello! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. I hope that all is well and that you’re having a great day.

1. How do we access the replays of the broadcast?

One way to do this is to simply go to the website, sign in, go to the Ipet’s Ally course, and go down to these Ipet’s Ally Q and A videos. What you can do is just click on one that you wanted to catch. We’ve got the transcript in here, the link of the video which will have closed captions, and you can download the transcript as well as the audio file, then we’ve got the questions separated out so that you can see what’s going on in each of these topics. We’ll be putting some other keywords in here too, so that you’ll know what each topic was about.

The other thing we’ll get included in here are the links that are mentioned in the video. We also have the protocols which we’ve got listed out by topic. We also have here the dosing instructions for the individual supplements. You can just click on a supplement such as the Coriolus extract and it’ll tell you exactly how much you should be giving for each weight of your pet.

2. What should be done when your pups are in a two a day vitamin and mineral supplements?

Suppose your pups have been on the two a day vitamin and mineral supplement and they’re not getting anywhere within 48 hours, then I would definitely go back, see the vet, get that checked out and see what other options are out there. Now, if your pups are still eating grass but not throwing up, what that seems to me is that it may take a little while to get things turned around but it sounds like that things are starting to get there.

3. How much time and how many times a week should I give them raw and smoked bison bones?

I would not use those smoked bison bones because they tend to have more issue with bacterial contamination. The raw ones, if they’ve been frozen, is perfect. Now, if they’re really aggressive chewers and starting to do a number on their incisors, what I would do is to limit them to 10 – 15 minutes a day or divide that up to two or three times so that they’re not getting hurt. Hopefully, they’re chewing with the molars instead of the incisors. In one of the videos, I think what I talked about was just using green clay. That’s what I use for my own toothpaste since I don’t like the mint because it messes with my soft tissue.

4. What should be done if their back teeth have some gunk caked on that you can’t scrape off?

I would definitely get that checked out. Now, anesthesia is never without risk but if the veterinarian you trust are using it and they’ve had good success, then I think getting their teeth cleaned up will actually provide a lot of relief as far as preventing the teeth from rotting out and things of that nature.

5. Why am I not receiving email reminder for the broadcasts?

If you’re in our email list, then you’ll definitely get the email. However, if you opt out of email, we can’t send you emails to remind you about the episodes each week. If you want to get back on the email list, then email Hanna and she’ll get you signed back up. Just send her your email and get your permission to opt back in and she’ll get you squared away.

6. Where does the calcium go with? And why does my pup look light and happy with the plantae?

The calcium goes with the protein. Theoretically, whatever you’re feeding, you could make a big batch of a protein and then another batch of the carbohydrates and veggies, and see what happens.

Now, your pup may be happy with the plantae because it may be just a lot easier for your pup to digest. Try to switch up things to a much easier to digest proteins and experiment with what works best for your pup; is it fish, is it chicken, is it beef, or is it lamb, then go from there. For most dogs, they really have difficulty being vegetarian or vegan. The other thing you could try is a low – fat protein with no additional fat and add the calcium to that.

So, for every pound of meat protein that you cook, you need to add in 666 milligrams of calcium whether that’s calcium citrate or what have you. Balance the calcium phosphorus in the protein so that it stays normal and bone strength stays normal.

7. What to make sure when your pup is going to get some lab work repeated?

Assuming your pup is diagnosed with a nasty histiocytic sarcoma which will be treated with more chemo, and in a keto diet. As I mentioned in the CrockPet broadcast, I’m going to look into some low methionine diets because that’s another option considering that Keto is tough on dogs because the volume of fat that you have to add to keep the energy level up is really quite high.

Now, if your oncology vet is concerned about the liver, which I think is not really an issue for CBD and THC, what I would suggest since I’m sure you’re going to get some lab work repeated, is to make sure everything is okay and that you get the liver values checked out. Let him know what you’ve been able to find out in research and in consultation from your alternative med vets – that they should not create major issues as far as liver function. High dose of turmeric is also helpful.

8. How many Facebook groups do I have?

There are two. There is the Original CrockPet Diet which you are all members of and then because you’re a member of Ipet’s Ally, you are a member of this group as well. This is the one where I can answer a lot of questions specific to your pets’ health issues. It does get a little bit confusing but you’re in good shape.

I think that’s what I’ve got. On that note, I will get you some more information next week about low methionine diets and what that might look like. Hopefully, that would be helpful for your pets. So, until next week, take good care. Remember, your pet’s best health starts in the bowl. Give everybody a big hug and kiss for me. Thanks!