iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 04-12-21: How to go about doing a reintroduction diet?

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1. How to go about doing a reintroduction diet?

As far as reintroduction goes; before you commit making a batch of food that has something in it that could potentially create problems, I want you to test what you are adding back in so if there is a problem, you’re going to know what it is in specific and you can cross that off your list.

I would try beef because there may be a low enough amount of beef flavoring in the FidoSpore to not make that much of a difference. What that means is that you can get some top round or some really low-fat hamburger, things of that nature, cook it up and for each dog add three tablespoons of the beef to a meal for three meals and then wait 72 hours to see if it is okay or not okay. This is sort of a tedious process but in this way, you’re going to know quickly if there is a problem or if there’s none. The reason I’m saying to wait for 72 hours is that it can take that long for something to show up.

The other thing you can do is to take a piece of paper, write down a separate column for your pups, the name of the food and if it was okay or not okay. Just do a checkmark if it’s okay and put an x under whoever’s name or both of their names that it didn’t work for. What I would do is refer back to that glacier peaks holistic test suppose you have the results of this test, and see where the things you’d like to use and go from there. At this point, you should be far enough down the road that you should be able to reintroduce something that is truly a food sensitivity – the inflamed gut caused the reaction if they still react to something, then more likely it is a true allergy. At this point and I would wait another 18 months to retest it. Once you figure out what they can and can’t eat, then you can go back to just rotating batches.

2. What are the best medication for your dog’s neck injury?

Assuming your pup has neck and injury, and you’re giving a muscle relaxant and some gabapentin, and some CBD Ease from CBD Dog Health. For a short period of time, I wouldn’t really be worried about muscle relaxants and gabapentin. You’ll have to see what’s working best for your pup. If this is providing comfort, then I would use them for maybe 5 to 7 days and then start to back off. I’ll take the skeletal muscle relaxer out first and if everything is good after a day or two, then take out the gabapentin. Now, I also think CBD is great.

The other things that you can do are soft tissue work to help get things released and relaxed. If you’re near Charleston, I would look at Mark Daly because he’s a massage therapist in the area and I think he can get you started. That’s going to help release a lot of the spasm and things like that. Also, I think hot and cold packs can be helpful. If you go back to the website, there’s some videos on passive range of motion. More importantly, you can use some of those basic Tuina techniques remembering that working in the neck, if it’s tender, to be extremely gentle and if you’re working on something your pup is turning around at you, then that means you need to ease up a little bit. I think those are all good things to kind of help calm things down a bit.

3. Chemotherapy: What are the possible side – effects and how to manage it

Assuming your pup has had a bloody diarrhea post – chemo, then I would go with super easy stuff like potatoes – if your pup tolerates it, rice that you’d make down into a congee which is almost like a porridge. Instead of a cup of rice with two cups of water, you would put three or four cups of water. What it does is break it down into its constituents and then interestingly enough, something in that water will seem to help draw the water back out of the G.I tract and calm it down. Also, you can try the slippery elm, the pumpkin, and then use higher fiber things like boiled potatoes, boiled turnips, sweet potatoes, and kind of go from there.

There’s a couple of things we’re working on and one of them is that we’re going to change the Ipet’s Ally format and actually make the “ultimate level” the only level that’s available. The big difference is the VIP discounts, the VIP service, and then also the monthly broadcast. At any rate, we’ll be getting you an email out on that in the next week or so. Our next Ipet’s Ally ultimate broadcast will be on the 27th of April so be looking for that invite. That’s what I have for you today. We’ll see you next week. Until next week, give everybody a big hug and we’ll talk soon. Thanks!