iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 04-19-21: Is it normal for dogs to throw up after starting on the reintroduction diet?

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1. Is it normal for dogs to throw up after starting on the reintroduction diet?

Suppose you have 2 dogs one of the dogs has had the history of throwing up bile but has been fine so far with the reintroduction diet with 3 tablespoons of beef while the other one threw up yellow bile on the 4th day of reintroduction. It could have been a one – off situation or the FidoSpore where your pup took them off. I think what it is, is a matter of dose. The FidoSpore by itself was not enough beef to create a problem but excuse me when you fed some beef on top of that, that’s when that created the problem. My guess is that you will be able to use FidoSpore but you just can’t feed the other pup any beef. I think your next thing to try is turkey or chicken once you know that your pup is good to go with beef.

2. How to manage the side – effects of chemotherapy in dogs? And is doxorubicin helpful?

As far as things to help with nausea; definitely some ginger, ginger tea and mix that in with food if your pup is still eating. The other thing she’s seeing is trying to talk about using metronomic chemotherapy and a few other things. She’s trying to figure out what to do with chemotherapy, and doxorubicin definitely is a little harder to handle. And doxorubicin is a tough one. It can have some pretty profound side – effects. Generally, the way it goes is it’s more of a cumulative thing. The first couple of doses is not a problem but then later, that’s where the problems can potentially come in and the even more frustrating thing is that there’s really not a clear way to predict who’s going to respond positively to it and who’s going to respond negatively.

On Facebook, I posted a link to that energy clearing technique I shared with the Ipet’s Ally ultimate folks. That’s something you can do at home and by yourself which I think can help quite a bit when we can kind of focus clear easy energy for pup’s undergoing chemotherapy and help them clear as much difficult burden as possible.

3. What is the difference between CBD and THC in cancer treatment?

There’s a lot of conflicting information about CBD and THC for cancer treatment and there’s no wonder some fur parents are confused. But the folks at CBD Dog Health sent me over a protocol that they’re using for one of their own dogs for osteosarcoma and so far, so good.

Suppose your dog has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, then I don’t think there’s a problem with you using CBD and using half a milligram – 0.5 milligrams of THC, if nothing else, it will help with the malaise. I mean, because your pup got to be feeling pretty crappy. Will it diminish the effects of chemotherapy? I don’t think so. I have not seen a lot of evidence to say that it would be the case. I don’t think it diminishes the effect of the vinorelbine. THC will not certainly inhibit the effect because in any state where it is legal or whether that’s medical or recreational, there are oncologist that will say take it if you feel crappy.

This is also where acupuncture may be helpful. The other thing too is sway test. Essentially, you can learn to trust your own energy to make decisions which you can make for your pup. The idea is that you’re going to use force to break the link and you’re not holding it down but you’re going to ask yourself a couple of verification questions, for a lack of better word. For me often, standing up, be really flat on my feet and then start asking questions is more effective than the finger technique although I am using it more frequently because it’s convenient.

4. Does the CBD Ease have two essentials in it?

Yes, their ease product does have two essentials in it – frankincense and myrrh, and you would want to rotate it. What I would suggest is to use the heal product as you surmise because it has no essentials in it but don’t use it at that high dose. Do use it with the dose that you’ve been using for the ease which I think is about 10 milligrams. Literally, it’s going to go quite ways for you so try that, that way you can rotate them off of the essential oils a little bit and then kind of come back in. What I found too with Chinese herbal formula is that it contains frankincense and myrrh which would work really well for a while and then don’t work anymore. I think what happens is that the body acclimates to things. So, I would use the heal product as sort of your shuffle off, but again still use it at that 10-milligram dose.

That is truly all that I have for you this week. Hanna put a link in there for homemade lotion bars so for those of you with pets with really dry noses or elbows, it has been great travelling with these for probably 2 years now since we’ve been out west. They work really great for us and they seem to help prevent wind burn as well. So, until next week, take good care of yourself and give everybody a big hug for me. Thanks!