iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 05-10-21: Are Seresto Collars still safe after being recalled?

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1. Daisy’s strange looking lips and her lab results:

Kathy says that Daisy has been taken to the vet because her lip has been looking strange for a while and getting worse. Additionally, the vet says she badly needs tooth cleaning and wants to do a pre – op tests. Daisy’s hemoglobin is high at 20.9, the platelet count is low at 162 which generally means that the sample clotted so the hemoglobin may not be valid. Her creatinine is 2 and that she’s dehydrated.

I think this is where I kind of need to look at the whole picture. Ultimately, what did the vet say about her lip, what did she think was going on there? And was Daisy fasted prior to taking those samples? That’s really going to kind of help determine what’s what. At any rate, let me know how that’s going on and if we need to have a conversation. I wonder what else is going on. Also, make sure that they have gotten your analysis to make sure there’s no evidence of urinary tract infection present. Hopefully, that is helpful and you’ve been able to get this before you left.

2. Proprietary Formulas in Supplements: Dr. Ruth Roberts Brief Review

If you’ve been listening to me for a while, you would know that I don’t like these sorts of proprietary formulas. For instance, in this 1.85-gram tablet, how much of the 1.85 – gram is actually what is what. Additionally, we’ve got a lot of junk stuff in here.

There is a dim – 50 product that is an extract of broccoli essentially and so it is an NRF. Any of these kinds of things are going to be kind of what you would want to look for. Essentially, the reason why you would want to eat broccoli is to help prevent cancers. This is kind of the mother of all the NRF 2 promoters. I think that is a better choice than the aforementioned product because these are all sort of hot and bother.

Now, the Poly for Pets was interesting. It is a proprietary blend but what’s interesting is that it contains palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium. These as rare minerals but in truth what they are, are rare metals. Palladium, for instance, is part of the platinum drugs that is used to treat cancer. I think this one may be worth looking at.

3. Poly MVA in combination with Metronomic Chemotherapy:

This was a study whose respondents were all patients that are in stage 4 cancer. What they did is use this product in combination with metronomic chemotherapy and compared it to only using poly MVA supplement. The overall response rate to both the chemotherapy and the poly MVA was 61% which is pretty damn good for where things are for these patients. On the other hand, the response rate for the Poly MVA only was 39%. What they’re also saying is that initial IV loading versus oral loading, they had a 12 improvement. So, if you back that out, where down to 50% to 49% which is still an improvement. Part of what I think is making this work is the heavy metals that are essentially protecting the normal cells from the damage of the chemotherapy. There’s this science direct article about its protective effects in radiation therapy. I thought these were two very interesting articles. Personally, I think this is worth pursuing especially if you are at the point of pursuing metronomic chemotherapy versus something like doxorubicin.

4. How to deal with ticks in dogs?

I would look at shoe collar or bug – off bug zone collar. The way this work is that they create an electromagnetic field that repels the ticks and from talking to clients in the Northeast, they found it very helpful. The one codicil is that it is not a good choice for cats with seizures because it can make that seizure threshold more sensitive and allow them to happen more frequently. If this isn’t working, you can try Seresto collars, cedar oil and things of that nature, I think you really have to be more aggressive. Cedar oil, wonder stuff, any of the essential oil sprays you need to really cover all of your dog’s body especially the legs and things of that nature and you do have to use it every 12 hours.

The other option is going to be like the Seresto collar if that is just not working because you really want to keep these guys off. It’s just not worth developing anaplasmosis which I think is actually getting more common in some areas than lyme diseases. Diatomaceous earth will help somewhat burn out underbrush or really break out under brush helps and go from there and then pull the ticks off. Now, as far as the tick bites themselves, you can try homeopathic treatments but I would frankly consider preventive round of doxycycline which is an antibiotic and what it does is actually kill the organisms. If you give a single large dose like for us it’s 500 milligrams, it seems to work really well and prevent issues as far as tick – borne disease spreading.

5. What to do when there’s a production of excessive fluids and goo near the flank?

Suppose there is a production of fluid and goo in between your pup’s legs or between the flank. You should be able to put some sort of compressive material like a towel or hand or something of that nature to help that stay compressed and keep that fluid out, and then by using the towel it will absorb all of the goo that’s been produced. It shouldn’t be going on for long. Also, I think what’s going to be critical for you to get some control is to use some sort of a compression suit. They do have a zipper so you can kind of let them urinate with more ease and then that’ll make it easy to get the towel out when it’s soaked. You may want to get a couple of them just so it’s easier to get thrown in the washing machine or rinse them out if they’re having some problem. I think that would be a really good option as far as helping you get some additional compression going on because that’s just miserable.

6. Are Seresto Collars still safe after being recalled?

Personally, I am still recommending the Seresto collars amidst all the problems in the news. Basically, what’s happening is that people are blaming whatever they’re seeing in their pets on whatever went on the pet last when there’s absolutely no reaction and so in this case, it’s Seresto Collars. However, they are not symptoms that we see with Seresto. Typically, we’ll see skin irritations, in some dogs a very mild reaction which stops when you take the collar off, and I think the more serious reactions are autoimmune disease. I mean, they’re saying that the Seresto collars was on for 2 days and it gave their dog cancer which is just not the deal.

For instance, we had somebody email us saying you must have changed your formula for Holistic Total Body Support because I gave my boxer 1 teaspoon and he had horrible diarrhea for 4 days. Is it possible? It is possible if he’s really super sensitive, but we didn’t change the formula except add taurine and actually take out alfalfa because it turns out that most of it not cleanly produced. So, I think you guys can take everything with a grain of salt. We like to tell ourselves stories and so we make the simplest story that we can think of but often it’s not the real deal. It is not the cause and effect that we thought really existed. I hope that is helpful.

That’s what I got for you today. Remember, you are all now Ipet’s Ally Ultimate members and so that entitles you to the monthly Ipet’s learning presentation which will be in the 25th of this month. Take good care and until next week. I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. Thanks!