iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-Up 05-17-21: Is it necessary to rush your dog in the hospital when there is tartar on its teeth?

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1. Can surgical bleeding and elevated doses of fish oil cause any issues?

Theoretically, this can be a problem but in practice, I never did see an issue with surgical bleeding and elevated doses of fish oil. Where I did see a big issue is with chemotherapy and that’s certainly a place where we do want to stop any type of antioxidant.

Turmeric at high doses can also be a problem potentially for bleeding as well although in clinical practice it’s not generally an issue unless the pets are on some sort of an anticoagulant like Warfarin or Plavix or something like that. Your dog should not be bleeding still. So, if that’s going on that, it makes me wonder more about clotting disorder or if there’s some sort of an autoimmune disease attacking the platelets. If you’re still seeing active bleeding – you’re seeing dark blood coming out, then that’s a problem. But if it’s just some sort of a clear pink fluid then this is just more fluid entrapment. Talk to your vet and ask them about it. In clinical practice, I never had a problem with elevated doses of fish oil and increased bleeding at the surgery site.

2. What supplement or medication is good for liver support?

Milk thistle is great but the other thing that I’d really suggest is standard process hepatic support and then the other thing would be liposomal glutathione. But liposomal glutathione is the master antioxidant for liver and then the standard process hepatic support you can get right on the website.

3. Is it necessary to rush your dog in the hospital when there is tartar on its teeth?

If it is only the canine teeth that have some tartar on them, there’s a couple of things you need to look at before rushing into a dental: do the teeth back here have a bunch of tartar on them? If not, then frankly I would just use something like a loofah pad or something of that nature to scrub here.

4. What should you do when you pup has a high hemoglobin and low platelet count?

Suppose your pup has high hemoglobin, low platelet count at 162 and a creatinine at 2.0. Personally, I can’t really agree with that. Low platelet means either the platelets are really low or the stick was a little dirty and so it’s part of the sample clotted and that happen frequently. What I would do is maybe get the CBC repeated to see if the platelet count really is low or if it’s normal. If it’s low and it’s beginning to be a problem, then that’s definitely going to be a problem when you do not want to do any type of surgical procedure to make sure that the platelets are working well. As far as dehydration goes, I think adding fermented goat milk and bone broth is actually going to be more dehydrating so I would just encourage water drinking, and you can add water to the food to help dilute it out and see if that doesn’t do the trick and the just recheck the creatinine. For a fair amount of tartar, this is not a big deal so delay the anesthesia until you are confident and comfortable that everything is okay.

5. What is/are the best product to relieve your dog’s arthritis?

If you haven’t tried that CBD, I definitely would. The other thing I would really look at is an Assisi loop. This is a type of device that delivers pulse electromagnetic frequency. But suppose your pup is getting quite a bit of CBD. If you’re using a lower dose of CBD, you can use up to 35 to 50 milligrams of CBD daily so you can try bumping that up and see if we can get your pup more comfortable.

Additionally, you can try T – relief tablets. This is a version of traumeel and is an arnica – based product that will help reduce inflammation and pain as well. Figure out how many milligrams you are using and then try increasing the dose upwards to 35 to 50 milligrams. Fullscript is probably the best place to get the T – relief and a couple of other things. Now for the loops, if you google Assisi, they all ask you to list me as your veterinarian and I can get that approved for you. See what does that to give you some help, and Boswellia is another great option as well. I hope that’ll help you out there. If you have trouble finding anything just let us know and Hanna will get you hooked up.

I think that’s it. Until next week. I hope you all have a marvelous week. Remember, your pet’s best health starts in the bowl. Thanks!