iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 06-01-20: What is the dose that should be given to your pets when using a symbiotic capsule?

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up 06-01-20
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Hello, I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts. I hope you all are well and that life is quiet in your city. I am astonished at the number of riots going on but I think people’s anger is finally coming to the front and hopefully this will become more peaceful and we’ll see things start to change for the better. You guys had some outstanding questions in the group and so I want to get through that. 

What is the best Probiotic to support detoxification protocols? And what are the upsides of using Ther – Biotic?

We do have the liver holistic health protocols. However, the question specifically asks about the Ther – Biotic and so there’s a couple of things I want to point out. I’ve been using the Ther – Biotic complete powder for a number of years but I recently would like you guys to switch to a something they’ve called symbiotic capsules. Symbiotic capsule is a shelf stable probiotic. It is a 50 billion colony forming units per dose. And taking into consideration the summer heat coming on, shipping has been a problem for probiotics that required cold refrigeration but with symbiotic capsule, it is not an issue. The other thing to consider for the Ther – Biotic is that, because the powder has prebiotic in it, it tends to get clumpy when you’ve opened it up several times but the nice thing with symbiotic capsule is that you can just pop the jar open, give a capsule and go from there. 

What is the dose that should be given to your pets when using a symbiotic capsule?

Specifically, the dose is one capsule daily when you’re loading, which would be one capsule daily for 30 days. I’ve been using it for Mona and Pepe and I’m not seeing any issues. I think this is going to help you guys quite a bit. This capsule is a 50 billion colony forming units. The guar gum strangely enough, is the preferred prebiotic because it interestingly helps select for the bacteria which are the lactobacillus and bifidobacteria so we’ve got a really high dose product that’s a lot more convenient to use. If you’re just starting with this and your pet did not have any probiotics then what I would do is give a capsule per day for 30 days. However, if your pet is really ill after that 30-day period, switch to every other day for a while and then trait down to maybe once a week and if you notice that things are not going as well as they had been, then bump back up to whatever the last dose was. 

For pets that have had muscle tumor in the past, what should be the dose given if the intention is to maintain a good gut population?

For pets that have had muscle tumors in the past but are doing remarkably well, what should be done is to repopulate the gut. What I would suggest is to use one capsule daily for two weeks and then after that, once a week to keep things up. The logic behind that is that, when you give a probiotic, the population stays steady in the gut for about 10 to 14 days. The theory with three dosing is that if we’re starting over here with good populations, at the end of 14 days we are expected to start seeing things taper off below. What might be helpful is that if we reduce the population right here at 7 days then we stay on this flat line of good population, I think that’s been helpful for a lot of folks. 

What is the best pet food? And what are the things to consider in choosing the best pet food?

For fur parents, getting away from a crock pet is hard when you have troubles trusting people to make food for the puppies especially with everything you’ve read on how the food process is not well regulated. 

All these nice companies get bought out with good intentions and then they get repackaged and sold to the consumers as close to garbage. Some people Dr. Harvey’s product and some uses products from Dr. Jeff’s. For someone that just doesn’t have the ability to make food, we want to kind of check things out. Dr. Harvey has been around for a long time. He’s got some excellent supplements but he’s got sort of four different bases. He’s got a raw variety as well as a green free variety and then vegetables which is going to be pretty close to the crock pet diet. 

Dr. Harvey got a three-pound bag re-hydrated at 37 bucks to 28 one – pound meals which is, to give you a frame of reference; a cup is eight ounces so two cups would be a pound roughly.  The nice thing here is that it’s dehydrated which in the scheme of things, is a reasonable way to maintain the vitality of the food. Going down to what the ingredients look like, here’s what I want you guys to think about here. This is a pre-mix where you would add proteins so maybe you won’t feed a pound of this total but you’re going to end up feeding half a pound save for a 50 town dog or 2/3 of a pound and then start adding 1/3 of a pound or ½ a pound for protein. 

The following are the ingredients: 

Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Potatoes, Broccoli, Peas, Green Beans, Celery, Beets, Parsley, Yeast, and then some pre – mixed food-based nutrients, Flaxseed, crushed eggshell as well as Tricalcium Phosphate, some herbs, and then some other supplement, other vitamins and minerals to kind of balance things out.

 Here is what I have seen as a problem. This is pretty carb heavy so again, we’re getting back to the conventional kind way of feeding pets with 65% or higher carbohydrate. The veggies here are kind of an afterthought almost. There are not any dark leafy greens. So, this isn’t a great idea. The other thing I want you to pay attention to when you’re looking for pet food is to read the information, see what other people’s experience has been. What I’d encourage you to think about is that these pre – mix is going to be the same thing every time and so that has the propensity to create food sensitivities. 

Take a look at Oracle Grain – Free as well as the Wonder Fruits. Essentially, the only thing that’s changing here is the protein so you’ve still got that same pre – mix down at the bottom there. So, that’s what I want you to look at. What we are actually doing here is we’re essentially switching out the protein without switching out any of this. Many of you have had the experience of having your pets develop sensitivities so does that make sense to you? I’m trying to help you think through this a little bit better. 

The best option when you just don’t have the ability to cook, would be to get a freeze – dried type protein diet and then just get frozen vegetables that you can switch up every now. With Dr. Jeff’s, what he’s trying to do is to give you good quality food.

Below are the ingredients of this wholesome freeze – dried food dogs:

  Beef, Turkey, Duck, Flax, Tapioca, Turkey heart, Sorghum flour, Beef heart, Salmon, Whitefish, and carrots.

These are all good things to feed but again if your feed has any food sensitivities, these are all mixed together so it’s hard to separate out. I think this is not so great either because again, your pets eating the same thing with multiple proteins assuming that they’ve had GI issues, they are likely to develop upset tummy and food sensitivities down the road. Does that make sense to you all? 

My goal is to keep your pets eating foods where you can really kind of mix things up. There’s a ton of companies now that deliver fresh frozen foods so those may be better choices but the vast majority of them have sort of these pre – mixes that are set up but what varies is the proteins. So, when you’re looking for commercially prepared foods, look for single protein, single carbohydrates and if they don’t have a lot of veggies, you can get frozen veggies and just add that to the food.  

Would it not create any complications towards your pet’s health when two homeopathic drops are given at the same time?

The words homeopathic and holistic and things of that nature kind of get used all together as one word. CBD is not so homeopathic but it is a tincture. 

Take a look at Jump for JOYnts and Adored Beast, they make some fantastic products. These do have a good probiotic as well and taking into consideration that this lady is a classically trained homeopathist, I think this product is probably homeopathic. She’s got Calendula, Ruta Grav, Symphytum, and Arnica for pain so if this is working well, definitely keep using it. CBD is not truly homeopathic, it is a plant extract. Now, classically trained homeopaths generally only want to give you one ingredient formula at a time and so they want you to use that and to not add it to food and things of that nature. Interestingly, what happened is some pets are like “No, I’m not taking it that way” and what many homeopaths are recognizing, is that given with food, the remedy still works and given with other products, the remedy still works so I think what you want to do is try that and let me know how it goes for you and your pups with Jump for JOYnts as well. I hope that is useful.

In case you all haven’t heard; the holistic total body support is finally back. It reached amazon and we should be able to fulfill it at the end of the week. Many of you have actually already purchased some so we finally got this back in stock. I’ve been feeding the actual product for the last several days and that’s going well for Pepe and Mona. The other wonderful thing is that we have it on sale for 42 bucks a jar until the 5th of June. Again, it’s for both dogs and cats. What is really cool is that it has added taurine to make this work for cats. The glandular themselves are from Argentina and Brazil so there is close to grass – fed as they can get. If you’re liking it please review it once you’ve had the chance to check it out for your pets that will really help us out a bunch. 

That’s what I have for you this week and I hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe, keep your pets safe, give them all big hugs for me. Many thanks.