iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 06-15-20: Is cricket a great source of protein and is a cricket protein dog food a real thing?

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up 06-15-20

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Hey there! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. Apologies for the delay today but that’s the way it bounces, just helping my mom out a little bit. I hope everyone is well.

What is the difference between a one – year and a three – year rabies vaccination? And what will happen if your dog bites someone?

            Here’s the thing about the one – year versus the three – year rabies vaccination, with few exceptions, they are exactly the same thing in different bottles with different licenses on them. Giving out a three – year product and licensing it for one year could start a problem with the FDA even though it’s the same thing so to be compliant, vets had to buy two different variations of the same vaccine. That’s just how the FDA rules.


The other thing that may be helpful is the rabies compendium. Essentially, the rabies compendium is a document produced by the USDA to help inform us, practicing vets, and rabies control officials about what are the appropriate things to do. Any dog or cat that has ever been vaccinated for rabies is considered to be up – to – date. And if the dog or cat bites someone, they would have a ten- day at home quarantine then the Health Department would request that the dog be revaccinated. 

Now, in some states and some municipalities, if you have a protective rabies titer available, they will often say that it’s fine.What I would do is go ahead do whatever three – year vaccine they offerand then start the Thuja immediately. I suggest you also check the Adored Beast for her recommendations and use it at the dose twice for five days immediately following the vaccine.

Would giving Thuja and milk thistle as well as ProHeart 12 injection for heart worm prevention be helpful to a dog that has also developed incontinence?

Taking into account that your dog has developed incontinence, I definitely would not do those ProHeart injections. The aforementionedinjections have unfortunately killed several dogs. What I would suggest is to probably use Thuja and milk thistle since they are supposed to stick around for 12 months so use both products.

As far as the incontinence goes, we may be able to offer some help with using a glandular supplement so he or she could certainly start with Holistic Total Body Support and a Simplex M which I think is a great help as far as incontinence goes.


Is cricket a great source of protein and is a cricket protein dog food a real thing?

Cricket protein dog food and cricket as a protein, is a real thing.But as far as I know,at this point, there are only treats. However, they are working with AnimalBiome to develop a prebiotic that will help optimize the gut. Anyhow, cricket is a really great protein source and is sustainable so I can’t find any downside to it.

Taking into account that we are continuously sort of decimating our world, resorting to cricket – based food for pets is a good idea and is more sustainable so it should be much more inexpensive once they sort out all of the bits and pieces.


How much protein do dogs need in their food? And is the three – pound protein a correct template?

            Using three – pounds protein is recommendable when you’re using it with beans because there are extra proteins in the beans which would sort of offset that half a pound of protein. I’ll double check all of our recipes and our template too but so far using three – pounds per batch for a yearis correct. So, use three pounds with beans, and three and a half pounds without

That’s what I have for you all today. I’m very sorry I’m disjointed but as many of you know, my mother unfortunately has very advanced lung cancer and things are moving fast.The upside is we’re able to keep her comfortable since the hospital nurse comes at a certain time which kind of balled things up slightly.That’s what I have for you all so until next week.Keep the questions coming, take good care and we’ll talk soon. Thanks