iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 07-26-21: How does rotation and elimination diet help with leaky gut syndrome?

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1. Summary of Spirit’s Glacier Peak Test Results:

This can be absolutely overwhelming. View this as a roadmap. The other thing to bear in mind is that Glacier Peaks has their own line of supplements and that of Adored Beast which makes some great stuff but these are their answers to the problems. Also, I think the mineral analysis will be helpful too for sort of honing in. 

When you look at the results, it’s absolutely overwhelming. The thing I have been noticing on these last several reports back from this test is that every pet is allergic to every grain so I’m not quite sure if that’s really the truth or if that’s something they’re sort of selecting for a lower level of sensitivity. The proteins the you could use would be Bison which are esoteric and relatively expensive. Also, you could use rabbit, venison, yak, turkey, and then some sort of inexpensive fish. You could use something like mackerel, and salmon which is not terribly inexpensive but sometimes you can get a good deal. The point of this is to use this as a roadmap.

The best way I can tell you to approach this is to go through this piece by piece. If you’ve got a ton of food left in the freezer and Spirit is at a place where he can sort of deal with it, then go through what you’ve got. But what I would suggest going forward is choosing three proteins. You could use bison, turkey, and then choose a fish alternatively. If one of the fishes are less expensive than the bison you could use that as well. And in place of the carbohydrates, I would use more beans. We can say we would definitely use the regular ratio of beans and then we need to add in a cup of grain which is about 400 calories so we need to add additional 400 calories. We could do that with some more beans although that’s going to start pushing that ratio of carbohydrates up there and adding in a little bit phytates than he can handle. 

What you could do alternatively is use about 3 and half additional oil. Now remember, you’re going to lose 4 cups of volume from taking the grain out and so what that means is that if the batch produces roughly 16 cups of food with the grain, we take away the 4 and that takes us down to 12 cups of food. We need to remember to reduce the volume that he is eating by 25% roughly. And if you’ve added the oil back in the makeup calories, that’s going to be calorie for calorie the same. Additionally, oats are not okay such as all the grains that are listed here in red – amaranth, barley, buckley, corn, millet, quinoa, rice both white and brown, and wheat. So, you’ve got no grains that are going to be useful according to this test. 

2. What can be used in place of oils? 

In place of the grains, use a little bit more of oil and then feed 25% less that what you are doing currently so that we don’t increase the ratio of the beans beyond what your pup can handle, and then take out all the vegetables that are in red. Let’s say day 1 is turkey, then choose black eyed peas, cheese, and oil. If you can find a really well cleanly processed safflower oil, then use that. Coconut oils are still okay as well as the vegetable oil like avocado and thing of that nature. If your pup is sensitive to grains, I would just let all the grains go for right now because they are closely related to wheats. The same thing is true with any of the food tests. Whether it’s Dr. Dodds, or whether it’s Heska’s, or this test, they will say that that this is something your pet is sensitive to.

3. What is the importance of less grain diet? 

So, if in a batch of food, you’ve got 3 pounds of protein and your beans in there whether that’s a can of beans or half a cup of dry beans, and you’ve got 2 cups of grain in the recipe, then the total volume of food in that batch – when you’ve added in the oil, water and all that other stuff, is 16 cups of food. 4 cups of those 16 cups are the grain. Because if you’ve start with the cup of raw grain – 2 cups of cooked, so out of the 16 cups of cooked, we’re taking out 2 cups of the grain when we remove them so now, we have 14 cups total of food instead of 16. What you’re going to need to do then is feed 15% less volume because we’re removing the grains but we’re going to add 3 and a half or so tablespoons of oil to replace that caloric amount. We have in the 14 cups the same number of calories that was in the 16 cups. Does that make more sense? Because of that, then you’re going to feed, volume wise, about 15% less but you’re still going to have the same number of calories in that volume of food. I hope that makes sense. 

4. How set up rotation and elimination diet? 

Essentially, how I would set up a rotation and elimination diet is to make 3 batches of different stuff. This way, you are going to be able to carry this off. If the results says that your pup is sensitive to chicken, pork, and turkey, we’re going to substitute it with beef for the chicken and then some sort of fish for the pork tenderloin. Basing on the result, you’ll have to choose a bean for each of the diets and then we’re going to choose some brassica and then also some other veggies and an oil. Kale is good, as well as winter squash, or butternut squash. And what you’re going to do is freeze this differently too. In this case, we’re taking out the quinoa and putting in the beans. Cabbage is fine while green beans are not okay, so let’s switch to some zucchini for the 2nd day, and then for day 3 we’ve already used zucchini so we’ll throw in some summer squash to kind of balance out the taste of the broccoli. 

Because we’re going to feed this every 24 hour, you will want to make a batch, feed that for the day and then bag up the rest of it or box it up the rest of it into 24 hours volume. So, if your pup eats 2 cups a day normally and we’re going to take 15% out of that, then that’s going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of about 1 and 3 quarters cup per meal per day. Ideally, you do need to rotate daily to help the gut heal over. 

Ideally, every time you make a new batch, you’d make a new set of food. Again, the idea is that if we can help reduce inflammation in the gut by tricking the immune system into not responding with what the pet is eating, then that is great. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. It’s rare to see things like fats to create problems but we’ve seen salmon oil create a problem and several of y’all’s pets. What you may want to do is on a different sheet of paper, write down the things that you can use and that you can afford the use.

5. How does rotation and elimination diet help with leaky gut syndrome? 

Once you get the recipe figured out, what is the best practice? If you need a certain set of foods every 24 hours and then the next day another set of food and so on and then you start over with batch 1. What you’re doing is preventing the immune system form reacting to foods that it is seeing on a daily basis. The sort of basic premise with leaky gut syndrome is that because we tend to get into the hobby of feeding the same thing day in and day out, it’s easy. Essentially, we create an immune reaction to the foods that we eat or we feed on a daily basis. With leaky gut syndrome, the guts got all these little villains’ villi and microvilli. Moreover, each of the villi are aligned with enterocytes. It’s more of a complicated structure more than that. The basic idea is that with leaky gut syndromes, this happens. You get denuding of the microvilli, you get the little villi literally cut off at the base and so as that process picks up speed and worsens, then all of the improperly digested food goes straight down into the immune system. 

The enterocytes – the individuals cells do more processing and then lining these villi are the gut activated lymphatic system. So, if the stuffs are getting absorbed directly to the lymphatic systems, then your dog’s body begins to see that as an attacker the results to the development of antibodies against what they’ve been eating and then off we go to creating other issues. This is why I stress rotating food because as we age, our capacity to heal and to avoid problems becomes low. Also, this helps to seal things over. 

6. What other products are used to help heal the gut?

I’ve used Mega Immune myself and for many other patients because it helps to seal off the gut and heal. It includes 4 specific amino acids and also several immunoglobulins that will help the gut heal over. Honestly, this is not a cheap process. And I’ve had to repeat it for myself multiple times and it’s all these things I don’t really like to eat but it is very effective. During the time where the gut is sensitive, you’re going to want to also use high doses of probiotics and so what I would suggest using is Omega Spore Biotics – the human version, which does not have any flavoring agent in it as far as beef liver goes. Ideally, you would rotate daily for 3 to 6 weeks and then start to test foods. 

7. How to cook fish in the CrockPet?

What I would do is cook everything except the fish. Let it all finish cooking and then turn the crock pot off, throw the fish in and literally, the heat that’s left in the food is going to cook the fish otherwise it gets pretty stinky plus you end up way over cooking, so that’s pretty easy. 

8. What products can my pets take if they are scheduled to have gastropexy and be neutered? 

So, if you head over to the website, click on Simplex M. What we’re trying to do here is to replace the raw materials that the testes are producing to help support function. One tablet contains each of those things. Generally, with people, they would suggest using 3 tables thrice a day. Suppose your dog is somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 pounds, and so what I would suggest is to go sort of high to start with. What I would suggest is to start with 2 tablets twice daily and see how things are. If you’re not seeing any issues after those 30 days, I would go to probably a tablet and a half twice a day. The goal here is to keep the body working normally. 

The other big thing is to remember that what you’re doing is putting your dog into andropause immediately so you want to keep exercise level high and make sure that he’s not picking up weight. The other thing I’m going to say is that if he is not creating problems as far as peeing on stuff and fighting with other dogs or things of that nature, you may consider delaying it out to 5 years because that’s sort of when andropause would begin. 

9. What is the best mosquito repellant? And what is the essential oil recipe for flea and tick control? 

Now, for mosquito repellents, Wondercide works really well. There’s another question about flea, tick, and heartworm. You do need to apply any type of natural flea and mosquito repellent every 12 and 24 hours depending on how bad things are. Now, regarding the commercial flea and tick, again, it depends on where you are. Also, if they’re going to repel fleas, they will also repel mosquitoes. Hence, the two recipes for the essential oils and then using Wondercide as well. Again, you do have to use it every 12 to 24 hours. 

The alternatives to fleas, tick and heartworm weren’t preventive. Again, it depends on where you are. If you are in an area where there is a ton of heartworms, you can try natural stuff for fleas and ticks. Do environmental control as far as use nematodes to treat the yard, use an insect growth regulator in the house to keep majority of the flea population under control. If you’ve killed those guys off, you kill 85% of the problems. If you run into a problem, I would suggest trying Seresto collar. 

Now, as far as heartworm prevention, what I would suggest using is Hart Guard or one of its generics. Iverhart, I think is the one that consistently works well. Tryhart had some issues with recalls for efficacy problems. Even the American Heartworm Society who puts these maps out says now that you can use it every 60 days, and the temperature at night must be over 55 degrees for the heartworms to reproduce inside the mosquitoes. Find the one with least amount of stuff in it and then go from there. So, every 60 days, give the heart preventive a day later. Start with some milk thistle, and around roughly 175 to 240 milligrams per day for dogs up to 50 pounds for 1 week. For dogs over 50 pounds, two capsules – one capsule twice a day of milk thistle for 1 week. What you’re doing is helping to clean out any of the residual effects of the heartworm prevention. Remember, it only sticks around for 24 hours that’s why we wait 24 hours to start the heartworm prevention to clean it out, and then it helps to get rid of some of these other things as far as the flea medication that seep through the skin invariably and then all the other stuff that’s just in the environment. We know now that glyphosate is in the water cycle so it’s just tough. I hope that makes sense.


Great! I think we’ve got it all covered. Until tomorrow afternoon. Y’all take good care of yourselves and give everybody a big hug. Thanks!