iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 08-02-21: Is melatonin okay to be given in the food?

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1. What is the difference between the Glacier Peaks Allergy Test and Dr. Dodd’s NutriScan Test?

I have used Dr. Dodd’s NutriScan test which is almost 300 bucks for 24 different foods and I’ve also used Heska and the other allergy testing companies’ food test which are blood tests, and I will have to say that the Glacier Peaks Test has been as accurate as any of them. Every time I take this test, I take it with a grain of salt. I take out everything that’s in red because likely it’s a problem and maybe it’s not. The other thing too is that this is 112 or 115 dollars versus 300. It does have some additional information that can be super useful as far as toxic exposure and things of that nature. Right now, this is the most useful tool I’ve had experience with. As I come up with some other options, I would love for you all take a look at those and try them out and give me our opinions on them too. 

2. Murphy’s Fur Analysis Results

97% of what Dr. Frick would see in the fur analysis results is this inflammatory pattern. Murphy had low calcium, magnesium, extremely highs sodium, up to the normal range potassium, and then some others were quite depleted as well. Looking at these ratios, this poor guy is just trying to make everything run fast and everything was running too fast and depleting him. Also, the aluminum was quite high, and the mercury and arsenic were elevated as well. What I would do is look at redoing things because I think that would be very helpful to see where things are and see if things are good. You can go to my website and then I’ll do the interpretation for you and set up a supplement program as well. 

3. Is melatonin okay to be given in the food? 

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to give it in the food. It does not seem to be an issue. Any supplement or medication that you give with food will delay absorption. For some medication, this is a good thing so it should not create an issue. The CBD, when it’s in that oil does absorb best through the mouth. 

4. For dogs with sensitivities, should calcium be the only thing to be added? 

That’s right. We’re not going to add anything else because we want to limit the number of things that are present in the diet so that if there is a problem, we have sort of five things that we have to work through to figure out where the problem is. The salt is okay and really what we’re after there is the iodine so at this point, we want to add iodized salt since we’re going to leave out the kelp, mustard, and the garlic. Let’s just make it super simple. Weeks under your belt, make sure that the symptoms are gone and then you can start adding thing back in. 


I think that’s it for the questions. Unfortunately, our shipping warehouse has lost 200 jars of Holistic Total Body Support. We were trying to get some into Amazon because we have a store there. Hopefully, they’ve all been shipped there because the weight of the boxes doesn’t match with the number of bottles that are supposed to be in there. Now, that’s what I’ve got for you. Until next week. You guys take good care of yourselves. Give everybody a big hug and a kiss. If you want more information on the tissue mineral analysis, please let me know. Thanks!