iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 08-3-20: What happens When Your Dog Bites a Person?

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up

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Hey! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pets’ ally. I hope you all are well. I finally have my handy pack back in action which is just an interesting thing you learn in the course of travelling. So, thankfully, that provides better internet connection, we’re in places where we’ve just got the satellite service. Thanks for all the questions you all are writing in.

Can Cushing’s Dogs and Kidney Sensitive Dogs Eat a Vegetarian Diet?

Personally, switching to a vegetarian diet for Cushing’s dogs and kidney sensitive isn’t very recommendable because typically, what I see, 6 months to a year later is elevated liver enzymes so that’s where it gets really tough. I think, sticking with the meat proteins is preferable. And assuming that your Cushing’s guy is already pre – depleted, I would really avoid doing that. Now, having said that, if you want to try and incorporate some plant – based proteins, you could try something like hemp, it is a complete protein meaning it has all of the essential amino acids. 

Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry? And Can I Put Glycerin in My Dog’s Dry Nose?

In terms of Chinese Medicine, if your dog’s nose is kind of scratchy and scurfy looking, generally, what that means is blood deficiency. Blood being a nutritive fluid and so by adding more blood tonics things like beef, carrots, kidney beans and etc., can actually help kind of heal that from the inside out. Yes, you can use Glycerin in your dog’s dry nose. Also, using something to soften the crusts is a great idea. The other thing you could do is make up some sort of a skin care product, what I’ve been doing is making a mixture of 1 cup beeswax, 1 cup coconut butter, and 1 cup oil your choice then what you would do is melt the beeswax and coconut butter and when it’s melted, add in the oil of your choice mix it all up and pour it into silicone molds


 What Medical Conditions Qualify for Dogs to Get Rabies Vaccine Exemption from Vets?

To me, if my pup had seizure activity and was treated with an anti – seizure medication such as Keppra which is the trade name for Levetiracetam, OCD and all of that, to me, that would absolutely qualify. Cancer, auto immune disease, chronic skin disease, any type of chronic skin condition ultimately that going to come down to what your vet believes the person writing the exemption for you. The other thing I would do is combine that with a rabies titer and what that means is that’s a blood test obviously which is going to let you and your veterinarian as well as the state officials know that your pet is indeed protected against rabies virus because the blood work says so. On a side note, Bravecto, Nexgard and those long – acting fleet pills do indeed seem to be associated with seizure activity so do be cognizant about that issue.
Do I Need to Prove that the Disease Came from the Rabies for Vaccine Exemption?

That’s a big question but you don’t have to prove that the rabies vaccine caused the disease. The theory is this, for medical exemption, it’s not that the previous vaccines caused a disease although if your pet has had a severe reaction then that is one reason to get an exemption from the vaccine but the big thing is that in diseases where the immune system is responding improperly, that is where you would want to get these exemptions right. The seizure activity may well have been caused by the vaccine but because most conventional veterinarians aren’t there as long as we can say, this disease has been associated with immune hyperactivity or improper activity. So, cancer, autoimmune disease, seizure activity because if your immune system is responding improperly, that inflames your brain and tends to create more seizure activity then we can say that’s when it’s appropriate.
What happens When Your Dog Bites a Person?

The deal with rabies vaccine is if the animal bites a person, that’s when the authorities get involved and what you would then get is a 10 – day at – home quarantine. At any rate, if a dog bites a person and they have ever had a rabies vaccination then they are considered up – to – date ever even if that is 10 years ago and what that means is that at the end of that 10 – day at – home quarantine, the rabies control people can then ask you to revaccinate. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden because your dog bit a person then it’s rabid
Now, for cases where your vet is requesting that your pup be vaccinated for rabies because he needs a muzzle for a nail trim and would not proceed unless the request is complied, perhaps you can find a groomer that can help you with that that’s willing to work with you with a muzzle on in trimming your pup’s nails that isn’t going to freak out about needing a rabies vaccine.

Is Revolution a Good Flea, Tick, And Heartworm Treatment?

Now, if you are in a highly endemic area for heartworm, personally, I would not use it. What I typically recommend for both dogs and cats is Heartgard for heartworm prevention and then Seresto collar if you really need that. The other deal with Revolution is it just was not working for flea and tick control. Now, having said that, if you’re going for little more natural, you can also use things like essential oil sprays and Wondercide what you would do is when you go outside to take a walk, spray the underbelly, spray the lower parts of the leg as well as the insides of the legs and that will help repel stuff off.

How Much Kelp Should be Used in Place of Iodized Salt in the Crockpet Recipe?

In switching from iodized salt to kelp in the crockpet recipe, you would want to add about a quarter teaspoon of kelp per batch of food and that will get you to the needed amount of iodine.

Until next week, I will see you and take good care!