iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 11-15-21: How can you help in easing your pet’s discomfort?

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1. How can you help in easing your pet’s discomfort?

If you want to just kind of help your pet ease through, I would use CBD Heal because it’s

unflavored. Kind of put a little on the inside of the ear. Again, you can add it right into the ear so

I think that will help quite a bit and we’ll go from there. Hopefully, that will kind of ease what

your pup’s got going on.


2. How to introduce your new pup to a new diet:

I would just go about 3 pounds to make a batch for the new baby so you can gradually get

your pup on board. He’ll get it tonight, two time tomorrow and then off on Sunday, Monday, or

Tuesday. So, what do you do next? You would start on to new veggies. If it works, you could

consider making a batch with pork and some of the veggies you have been using and kind of

taking it from there. But it’s still best to test everything against what you’ve been feeding.


3. Is it okay to give heartworm meds when your pup is taking milk thistle and liposomal


If you need to give a dose of heartworm meds, I would stop the milk thistle and liposomal

glutathione for 24 hours just because they are going to speed up the processing of heartworm

medicine and you want it to be in his system for that full 24 hours.


4. Abner losing voice:

If Abner has lost his voice, often that can be related to really profound hyperthyroidism

or some sort of neurologic issue sort or dysphonia where the laryngeal cords are attacked so

that’s really strange. If he’s completely unable to bark, then that’s odd. Can he make any noise

when he breathes in? Because sometimes that will create some problems in terms of laryngeal

paralysis, which is one of the more common issues that can cause loss of voice so see if that

makes any sense. Definitely get his thyroid function checked out. It sounds like his larynx isn’t

working properly.


If thyroid function is normal, they can use propofol to very lightly sedate him and then

visualize whether the larynx is moving properly or not so that may be part of what’s going on. If

that’s what ends up being the deal, as long as he is not having issue with breathing in the house,

it’s one of the issues we kind of just leave along and then work in the immune system to see if

we can kind of calm it down a bit.


5. Mr. Willie update:

It’s interesting that he did not get positive for gluten but he did test positive for wheat

although gluten is a component of wheat. Also, I’m not sure what tissue block, detox block, and

DNA block means but my guess is that there is some impingement in the healing in each of these

areas. And with CBD and THC, I would suggest using both at the same time. It does make sense

that this is more of an autoimmune skin disease instead of cancer because he’s off all of the

medications and while he looks pretty rough, he’ still hanging in there and still eating. It just

makes a little more sense then.

I think that’s what I’ve got for you this week. Give everybody a big hug for me and we’ll

see you next week. Take good care! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally.