iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 11-18-21: Can you give milk thistle with regular food?

Ipet’s Ally Q&A Round-Up 11-18-21

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Hey! I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. I hope you all are having a fantastic day.

1. When in a tight budget, what is/are the cheap tests that can identify possible reasons of your pup’s seizures?

Suppose your pup has had a series of seizures, but your veterinarian said it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 bucks to get a thyroid panel tested as well as creatinine. If finances are a concern, what I would suggest is to do a quick creatinine and phosphorus check just make sure that the creatinine is really staying the same, if not, then this is when I would look at other things. If the seizures are happening more frequently though, then this is when it really does make sense to make sure that thyroid function is normal because that can certainly be a cause for seizure out of the blue.

2. Can you give milk thistle with regular food?

Absolutely. You can even make it easy by just throwing it in there. However, for things like Denamarin and other supplements, you are supposed to not give with the food. Again, just put it all in with the food to make it easy for yourselves.

3. Histiocytic Sarcoma and Lymphoma: Possible Home Remedy

Suppose it’s down to Histiocytic Sarcoma or lymphoma, neither one of these are good. Histiocytic Sarcoma is kind of even worse.

There’s a couple of different things you can try. First and foremost, talk with your integrative oncologist and see what options they are suggesting. If you had come into my office and had no other options, what I would tell you about going to Keto diet. I think it’s important to make sure that we’re feeding your pup and not the cancer. The second goal is going to be to reduce the inflammation as much as possible. If you’re not using curcumin, I would definitely try it. Golden Paste is a good way to get in a relatively high dose because it’s mixed with coconut oil and some black pepper which often helps tremendously too.

Now, as far as the actual cancer itself, there’s a couple of options. Now, if it’s lymphoma; there’s actually a new drug out but I suspect that it would not be really eligible. It’s based more on working at the genetic level to kind of get the cancer under control. The other thing would be something called metronomic chemotherapy and what that is, is using a relatively low dose every day. The drugs involved generally include prednisone and cyclophosphamide. I had been able to get dogs with lymphoma out 18 to 24 months using this and CrockPet diet.

This is where you’ve got to really sort of choose what’s best for your pup as far as supplements goes because there’s a huge long list everybody can give you. The other thing would also be CBD, if you’re not using that already. Lastly, the THC. You would want to start at something like a half a milligram of THC and kind of gradually work things up as you needed. There were a series of lectures I watched and I think I’ve said this on a couple of different broadcasts, that DR. Trina Hazzah is an integrative oncologist in L.A.

4. What are the advantages of cyclophosphamide and its potential side – effects?

The other big plus about cyclophosphamide in particular, a metronomic chemotherapy is that it has a very few side effects and the main ones are going to be a decreased white blood cell count. I will tell you that in say a hundred patient, I saw them in probably one, and the follow – up testing is relatively small and all it is, is doing a CBC to make sure that the white cell count is staying where it should be after two months and then I would repeat that again in 6 weeks. We just kind of adopted the dosing based on what’s going on and the frequency more than anything else. It’s also, or at least it was, 5 or 6 years ago, it was a fairly inexpensive medication versus chlorambucil which had gotten hideously expensive more reasons.

The one other potential side – effect is that it can cause hemorrhagic cystitis which can be absolutely horrifying when your dog is peeing blood but often that can be mitigated by using a dose of Lasix when you give the cyclophosphamide. We would give the cyclophosphamide anywhere from 3 days on to 4 days off to vice versa, 4 days on 3 days off every other day dosing kind of whatever it was we needed to do to keep things under control. I would suggest getting all the information you can at this point.

We just launched our curcumin product. Right now, it is 15% off and we’re running a contest to win 5 or 6 free bottles. We will be sending an email out again so go check that out. That’s what I’ve got for you this week. Until next week. Give everybody a hug and a kiss for me. I hope we get you some really good news out of this really difficult time. Bye.



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