iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 11-21-21: What is mono feeding?

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1. Susie: Is Buddy’s ear problem caused by stress?

The answer is, yes. Stress and anxiety do a lot of interesting things. Its fascinating that we

can see those two things go hand and hand. When the stress level comes up, the itchiness comes

up as well, so that definitely could be going on. And for the Omega – 3 fatty acids, what you

would want to do is at minimum. Use about a hundred milligrams per kilogram of omega – 3

fatty acids so that’s going to be something in the order of 3600 milligrams of Omega – 3 fatty

acids at the high dose to knock the itching out. The quercetin with bromelain is 400 megs per

capsule and so I would give 1 to 2 capsules two times a day. Also, Hista Pawz is a combination

of quercetin and stinging nettles because that has been so effective for so many pets. Dosing

should be straight up on that product page there, so that’s all good.


2. What is/are the best puppy food/s?

Puppy food and senior food, all of these things are inventions of the industry to sell us

more stuff. Where this really does kind of make a difference is for large breed dogs because we

do want to slow them down quite a bit. For the most part, you can add some extra fat and or

carbohydrates and that’s all-good stuff. Sardines contain a high amount of Omega – 3 fatty acids

and DHA, in particular, is what’s so important for brain formation. So, sardine is the food –

based way to do it and then also VF Omega – 3 does a really great job too.


3. Katie: What is the reason behind my pet’s grass – eating behavior, vomiting and


If she’s eating grass, vomiting and having diarrhea, then something is going up that her

body is trying to clean up with her G.I tract, and because of that her liver is sort of paying the

price for extra clean – up duty. So, if the stool change is recent and the avocado oil is recent, then

I would pull that out. But if not, there’s something else going on that she may have been exposed

to. Hopefully, her body is able to take care of this on her own. So, if the stool and things of that

nature have gone back to normal, then I would use the milk thistle just to kind of help the liver

continue to clean things up.


4. What is beta-thyme?

This is a really interesting product because it’s an old – fashioned way to look at things.

What I found is that they tried to use beta sitosterol for a cholesterol – lowering drug, and the

other place where it’s used is actually for prostate cancer. Interestingly, it is a precursor to

anabolic steroids. And because I am old, we use to use anabolic steroids for pets that just weren’t

feeling well. There is some reasonableness to this but it is difficult to find them anymore, so we

used to use a product called Winstrol V. I think that’s probably what this is doing. As you can

see, we have this beta sitosterol thymus gland substance, which support the immune system and

then ornithine which is an amino acid that’s supposed to help reduce inflammation as well.

The thing that is interesting is that you can also find this in foods. If you are not using a

thymus product, then that’s where I would use something like thymus PMG or just a Standard

Process product. But you can get this beta tester all from canola oil or avocado. Canola oil is

going to add that quickly so I you’re looking for 200 milligrams, you could add a couple

tablespoons of canola oil. This is where you do want to be careful to get the cold pressed extra

virgin stuff because there’s a lot of canola oil that is processed using hexane and other

undesirable things.


5. What other fish are rich in Omega-3?

Aside from mackerel, you can use the smash fish, salmon, anchovy, sardine, and herring

since they are higher in Omega – 3 fatty acids. So, you can use some of those although they’re

not as high as the sardines. I hope that makes sense.


6. Rosie: Is the leaky gut protocol from Adored Beast a good product?

I’m not a huge fan of the leaky gut protocol from Adored Beast because I think there’s a

lot of stuff in there that can actually create problems as far as the prebiotics and things of that

nature. What I would do is actually consider Fido Spore or Mega Spore probiotics because you

can use those with antibiotics. On the human side, Mega Spore has been shown to be effective

and help maintain the microbiome in the face of taking antibiotics. I think the reason this works

is that they’re sporulated and so they don’t get attacked by the antibiotics, so I would look at that

and really gently support her gut. But really, the first thing is to get her eating and feeling decent.

If she is on clavamox that can often create some uncomfortable tummy.

7. What is mono feeding?

What rotational mono feeding means is that you feed sort of one of each food group –

protein, fat, or carbohydrate per day, that has been helpful for some people. Sri really swears by

it. She believes that Cece really did well with it, so check that out.


8. Spirit: Is being on melatonin for a long time harmful?

If you find the game off of it, then that’s okay. I mean sometimes we can use it short-

term, sometimes they really just need it. If he’s been on melatonin all this time, then what I

would do is actually take them off of it and see what happens because I had this experience

myself. I was taking melatonin at a milligram at a low dose and that did seem to help me sleep

and then 2 or 3 weeks later it was working in reverse and waking me up. If in doubt about

something, just kind of clean the decks, stop it, let things clean out and then try restarting it at a

lower dosage and see. The other way to approach is to give just 5 milligrams of melatonin at

night and see if that helps or does not help. What I would do is actually drop to 5 milligrams at

night, do that for 2 weeks and see what happens. For melatonin, you would want to take 2-week

intervals to see if this is good or not. See if that helps get him back to sleep and then we’ll kind

of go from there.


I think I have everything answered. Again, many thanks to you all for your support over

this year. We would not be here without you. I will see you next week at the same bat time and

the same bat channel. So, take good care. Give everybody a big hug and a kiss for me. Again,

I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. Cheers!