iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 11-8-21: Is there a natural alternative for Denamarin, and is Sam-e a good product?

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1. Is there a natural alternative for Denamarin, and is Sam – e a good product?

Yes, absolutely! For Sam – e, I’m not so fond of it because it just doesn’t really seem to

work. But you can also certainly use hepatic support from Standard Process. I always found in

practice that Denamarin didn’t really work that well, and frankly, it was dreadfully expensive

whereas milk thistle worked better. It depends on the seriousness of what you’re trying to deal

with. If you’re just trying to kind of clean things out, I would use milk thistle. If there is a

significant liver enzyme elevation, I would look at hepatic support plus or minus liposomal



2. Hiyo’s harness

The harness that we’ve been using with Hiyo granted she’s not a big dog is just a simple

one that she steps through in the front and then it clicks in over the top. We were able to get it on

Amazon. It’s been super secure and we have one for Pepe that is very similar. It has some Velcro

attachment in the back as well but both of the have been great because neither Pepe nor Hiyo can

back out form the harness, which is our greatest fear.


3. Is it okay to introduce new food when you had problems with sensitivities?

Now, while you’re introducing the new food there’s not so much of a problem as far as

treats. In fact, you can consider the new food as the treats. The goal is to kind of keep the

backgrounds the same so that you’re not going to be confused if was it because you changed the

treats today too or not, so give that a go. If you do have Holistic Total Body Support, just use

that because otherwise you’re just going to duplicate the minerals there, so that is good.


4. What should be done when your pup is positive for anaplasmoses?

I would consider doxycycline and niacinamide. I use this for pets in practice with

autoimmune disease very successfully. Yes, the amino B – plex has niacinamide in it but it’s a

small amount. You do need 500 milligrams every 8 hours, and I think with niacinamide you just

got to find it. Generally, it is a prescription product. Frankly, his gut is a mess right now and at


this point, if you can throw doxycycline and niacinamide in there on a regular basis or a

treatment basis to get this under control, I would add microbiome lab’s megaspore biotic because

it does actually help to repopulate the gut with spores that will get the good guys going in there.

Additionally, I would delay doing the fecal transplant although she’s got it on order and it’s


The other thing you can consider too is low dose naltrexone because now you’re looking

at this from the perspective of an autoimmune disease. I think Ozone will be great but the other

thing that I would really look at too are Myers cocktails. I’ve had ozone therapy myself that way

which has been helpful. That’s where I would go. But Myers Cocktail is a combination of B

complex, super high dose of vitamin c, some magnesium, separate b12 injections, and then

glutathione push and so I think that may be helpful.

You can also look at resolvance. That’s the thing I wanted to talk to you about.

Autoimmune disease and things like chronic disease – fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome

and things of that nature, they continue to go on and on because the body has not appropriately

stopped inflammation so we now know that there’s this inflammatory process, as that is peaking,

what’s supposed to happen is that molecules called resolvents are supposed to be produced and

as they are produced, the inflammatory molecules start to go down, and the resolve molecules

start to come up so that process is actually slowed down.


5. Should there be changes in the diet when your pup is positive for anaplasmoses?

See how he does with the CrockPet Diet with much sweet potatoes, beans and carbs. If it

gets a lot worse, then you need to back off of it obviously. Carefully add in much fiber this fast

because if he’s been o keto and you’re trying to add all that stuff in that fast, it can be extremely


Okay, that’s what I’ve got for you today. Until then, take good care. Hugs to everybody

especially Mr. Willie who keeps tracking on like the proud guy he is.