iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 12-6-21: What is the best commercial pet food?

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1. Fecal transplant and Cargill’s role in Animal Biome:

It was mentioned in the ultimate sessions last Tuesday that Margot Roman is the person

who developed a fresh poop bank for fecal transplant therapy. And Jamie made mention in the

meeting that Animal Biome started using her fecal material to produce their freeze – dried stuff,

which is just astonishing. Also, it was mentioned that Cargill has bought out Animal Biome for

8.6 million bucks. What is Cargill going to do with it? That remains to be seen, but I think

they’re starting to see the importance in making sure that the microbiome is correctly fed and


2. What is the best commercial pet food?

To be completely honest, I have lost track of commercial pet food. I think a lot of you use

Instinct, which is more of a raw with just a little bit of veggies so you may need to add other

veggies in there because really, it’s just meat, peas, and then chicken fat. Logic is another one I

keep hearing. This one’s a little higher in carbohydrate content. And going on to the dry food

should not be too big of a problem but you may have some trouble transitioning off.

Now, if you are travelling and you want to have someone to take care of the dogs, the

thing you could do is to just leave a bag of fresh veggies available for the house sitter where he

or she can see its way through by just adding in a pot of water that’s boiling and then putting

both the water and the veggies over the top of the dry food, that would be a lot better for your


3. What is the best way to trick your pet into taking turmeric and other vitamins in

because of the taste?

You can use cream cheese, and American cheese is another option. Liverwurst would be

a little tough because that’s beef – based product, and then the other sort of standby which is

Vienna sausages is also beef – based. You could also consider canned sardines and what’s easy

to do is to take a sardine, giver your pup a piece of the sardine without the pills, give a piece with

the pill and then another piece without the pill so you kind of figure out a little bit. See if that


4. Glimpse in the history of the Aztec Culture

We went to Tenochtitlan which was sort of a holy city for the Nagual or Mexica people.

Weirdly, they changed the name from Mashika to the Aztecs because that’s a different

pronunciation from a different group of people, but they build the city which is astonishing.

They’re called pyramids or “pirámides” in Spanish but they’re not because they are temples.

They’ve had a lot of reconstructions because things were so destroyed there.

The Quetzalcoatl temple is looking towards the temple of the moon and this platform in

the center is considered to be the center of the universe for the Nagual people – Aztecs or

Mexica. What’s interesting is that the way they built this temple mimics the shape of the

mountains behind them and so if you cannot summon the energy to climb to the top of the

mountain, you can just climb to the top of the temple which is still no small feat and gain the

power that was there. The reason why I’m telling you this is that part of this belief system

involved dogs. There is a breed in Mexico called the Cholo and they are the guides to the


Moreover, after a huge rainstorm, they discovered an enormous opening into a tunnel 150

yards out from the Temple of the Sun, which they reworked in the early 1900s prior to the 100 th

anniversary of Mexico’s independence. What the Nagual well believed is that when someone

died, a family or someone close to you, you took offerings down into the tunnel towards this

tomb. When they found the tomb, they took out over 3 million artifacts and more than half of

them were figurines of the Cholo dogs. It’s just astonishing how the people believed the things

would work. They believed that beneath was the underworld. The earth was for the living and

then above was for the gods, and then you could make contact between the plane of the gods

through the plane of the earth into the underworld or “inframundo”. This is part of why the day

of the dead is so important in Mexico because there is this tradition within the Nagual or Aztec


Cholos range in size from tiny to 50 – pound dog. We saw some of these guys walking in

the neighborhood, so I thought I’d just share that little bit of information about the Aztec culture.

The weird thing is that in Nagual, Cholo is Xoloitzcuintli. Therefore, in Mexican culture, the dog

is everywhere. However, in many cases, they are not treated well. But there were probably 20 or

30 dogs wandering around this temple fields and everybody was cool with them giving them

food and things of that nature, and they had good manners so that was interesting.

I’m going to be taking a week off because we’ll be heading to Mexico City and really

enjoy some time off visiting museums and things like that. I will be back on the 15 th , which is a

Wednesday, and we’ll do our program then. Also, we’re having free shipping on any order all

through December and for every order of 100 bucks, we’ll be giving a bottle of turmeric with

BioPerine and organic coconut oil so that’s a little gift for you guys. So, that’s what I’ve got for

you this week. We will see you on the 15 th . Until then, have a wonderful week and take good care

of yourselves. I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. Thanks!