iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 7-13-20: Can Yucca help in arthritis pain? And how does it work?

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Hello, I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts. I hope you are all doing well today. I hope as well that life is good and easy and that you’re all staying safe and out of harm’s way. I had lots of great questions from you today so I’ll go ahead and get started on that.

Why is the general dosage recommendation in the Kidney Module available in the website different from specific dosage recommendation?

istening to the kidney module, you might wonder why the module recommends a 125 milligrams two times per day of Quercetin for cats with kidney disease but for other pets which we’ll assume to have milder issues, I had recommended 50 milligrams once a day. The big discrepancy is that for general recommendations I tend to go a little bit higher but for specific recommendation the 50 milligrams once a day was recommended because they have relatively milder issues.
The trick is, if you’re seeing the creatinine stay stable at that dose then continue it but if you’re finding that it’s trending up slightly then increasing it up to that upper level guideline helps. We do recommend the Gaia Product but it is quite a high dose and much higher than the kiddies would need. The other available options and probably the easiest would be a tincture product. Generally, tinctures are alcohol – based but some people may be worried about that. What you can do is dissipate the alcohol by dropping in some warm water and then mix that in with the food.
Aside from tincture product, the other option is the Jarrow Capsules which are also available. There are 150 milligrams a piece so that would be easier and I found really quite good success with that. There’s also the Curcumin Capsules at 665 milligrams each. The deal is that you can divide that up much more easily compared to the Gaia Products since it’s actually kind of in a liquid form which makes dividing the dose up a little bit more difficult.

What is Struvite Crystal? And how can you treat Struvite Crystals?

Struvite is a normal component of a dog’s urine and will remain dissolved as long as the urine is acidic and is not too concentrated. If the urine becomes exceptionally concentrated or it becomes alkaline Struvite Crystals will fall out of solution.
The easiest thing to do with Struvite is to add an acidifier. The simplest way to do it is either with Vitamins C or Methionine. For Kitty, I would start with about 100 milligrams of Vitamins C twice daily, add that into the food and just go ahead use pH Papers that you can buy on Amazon or wherever so you can. Also, there are pH Papers that you can add to the litter box. I think it’s probably cheaper to get pH Papers, check the color immediately and that’ll keep you in the right ballpark. So, urine pH of 7 to 7½ will prevent both Struvite which forms in alkaline urine and Calcium Oxalate Crystals which form in acidic urine from forming.

Can multiple medication for various issues result to Glaucoma? And what’s the important thing to find out in Glaucoma?

Assuming that you pet had started some Ofloxacin drops for an ulcer that’s now healed. Now, he can’t see out of it and is on three other medication for it, my guess is that there was a problem with inflammation inside the eyes. Secondary to the inflammation, forms the ulcer and then after that the medication kind of cracked things up.
What’s going to be important to find out is if this is a closed angle glaucoma meaning the drainage pathway is shut off. That is a difficult question to answer for you but really, at this point, it’s going to be controlling the pressure either via medication or finding a way to open up the drainage angle so that more fluid can go out of the eye. I hope that’s helpful. Until I kind of know a bit more about that, it’s tough for me to tell you what to do.

What is Methicillin – Resistant Stapphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)? And what are the ways you can do to treat MRSA?

For those who don’t know, Methicillin – Resistant Stapphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is an antibiotic resistant bacterium that is a major source of disease in people and is also the cause of disease in various animals’ species, including cats and dogs. It can cause a wide range of infections to rapidly fatal disease and it’s also a bear to get rid of.
Assuming that your dog has a couple of pustules as well as several blackheads that have popped open, I would suggest that you take your dog to a specialist because that’s really what you need to do to get those fine points distinguished. However, some pet owners may be concerned about taking their pets to the dermatologist because they think that all they’re going to do is push antibiotics and hydrolyzed diets. Yes, some dermatologist does that but taking into consideration the current health of your dog, I think you’re at a point where you really need some answers.
Assuming that your dog walked into my office, frankly, I would do a couple of things. One is to biopsy some of these follicular areas and make sure there’s not something like Demodectic Mange going on here. If you see red areas that may have an active pustule, I would also get some culture and sensitivity done there. I think doing some other diagnostics including a skin biopsy to make sure that this isn’t something like Bullous Pemphigoid or some chronic disease that needs to be addressed by other means, that’s going to be a really important first step for you.

Does Vetoryl cause watery diarrhea? And what other medications can be taken to treat diarrhea?

Assuming that your 14½ senior dog had watery diarrhea for two weeks after taking Vetoryl you might if the Vetoryl caused the diarrhea. If your vet recommended Metronidazole but there’s still no improvements then this is where I don’t think the Vetoryl caused this because generally, it should go away pretty quickly once you discontinue the medication, the diarrhea should stop.
What I would suggest doing is asking your veterinarian for a fecal PCR test not a fecal culture and sensitivity test because it just is not sensitive enough if the metronidazole has not been effective. Ideally, what you would do is stop it for a week to ten days which is what I had to do.

What are the nutritional requirements for dogs that has pancreatitis? And how can we adjust the crockpet diet accordingly?

If your pet dog has pancreatitis the veterinarian will definitely tell you that your dog needs to be in a low – fat diet. Given this situation, you might wonder if you can adjust the crockpet diet accordingly, the good news is that it’s actually super simple to do. What you would want to do is to use an extremely low – fat protein like fish, and pork tenderloin which is actually lower in fat than boneless skinless chicken breast something of that nature, London broil any of those and add 1 tbsp of oil only not the 6 tbsp of oil to the recipe and see if we can get it going that way.
Now, because this is going to be lower in calories you need to really increase the volume of food or add in some additional starch like rice or potatoes or something of that nature to keep his bodyweight up and if you finds that you need to do that, I would almost make this into like a congee which is a porridge essentially because that is so easy for them to digest and the way you would do that is make crockpet diet the way you normally would. Take a cup of rice and instead of two cups of water, add three or even four cups of water and cook it until it’s literally a porridge meaning you don’t see any rice grains at all.

Can Yucca help in arthritis pain? And how does it work?

Yucca is known to have an anti – inflammatory properties that help soothe pain and you can definitely use that since it is helpful with arthritis but I don’t know if I would make that the only sort of avenue reducing inflammation in the joints. The way it works is that it contains phytonutrients that are really potent antioxidants and that’s how it helps you reduce discomfort with arthritis. \
As far as for the dosage, I would start with maybe half of one of those routes in a batch of food and see how it goes. You do need to cook it quite a bit because it’s very fibrous and you need to sort of get it all softened up.

Is goat meat good for dogs?

In America goat meat is not commonly used except in Hispanic or Indian populations or Caribbean populations where goat is actually one of the most efficient ways to turn foliage you know plants and grass and other things into meat that’s very delicious and nutritious.
Goat meat is definitely good for dogs. But you must remember that it is a warming protein so if it’s super hot, you will want to balance it out with more cooling foods or reserve it for winter time. Personally, I like it quite a lot, goat curry especially, because it’s so warming and delicious.

What can you do to help treat Degenerative Myelopathy?

After watching the latest video and the discussion about degenerative myelopathy, I was sad to hear it can be painful. Assuming that you’ve got the presumptive diagnosis of rear leg weakness as well as front leg stiffness and then AthriEase – GOLD and CBD Oil didn’t really help; veterinarians will offer Gabapentin and this is where I would consider things like Tramadol which is a narcotic analogue as well as Gabapentin to help control pain. The other thing I would ask you veterinarian about is Galliprant which is a non – steroidal and inflammatory drug which is supposed to be kinder to the kidneys.
Here’s the thing about pain, 0 is absolutely no pain at all 10 is just absolutely intolerable, at a 10, most dogs are crying and vocalizing. Interestingly, dogs often do not start vocalizing or letting you know they’re in pain verbally until they’re at an 8 to 10. So, your pet has pain and you’re cruising along in a 1 or 2 if you get a pain spike, it’s easier to get it back under control by taking medication things of that nature but if you’re pain level is at a chronic 5 to 7, it is really hard to get it back down into that “I’m uncomfortable but tolerable” level of 1 to 3.
Assuming that your dog is really not moving much because he’s in so much pain, this is where I think it’s important to use everything you’ve got to achieve comfort and then start backing off on the medications and figure out what it is you absolutely need to do. If you’re immobilized, it ends up creating more pain because your immobilized and as your pain wind up increases it tends to be just absolutely horrible to get it back under control.
For old dogs what you can do is use a non – steroidal anti – inflammatory drugs in the face of a relatively mild kidney disease. What you got to do to get them comfortable and then start searching for other options things like cold laser therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy things of that nature.

Can Gabapentin be sufficient to ease a chronic a chronic pain and get in under control?

I think Gabapentin, by itself, will not be sufficient to get the pain under control. Gabapentin is more for helping to control pain wind up meaning, it can keep your dog comfortable at up 1 or 2 or 3 but when the medication starts to wear off and you get a spike, what Gabapentin does is it prevent it from turning into one of these escalating situations. Tramadol is a more direct pain medication. I don’t know why veterinarians are using Gabapentin for everything though it isn’t as good as a direct pain med as some of these other ones. So, do ask your vet about that.
It’s great to see that many of you were sent emails about buying Holistic Total Body Support on Amazon as well as knowing a lot of you had opt – in to messenger to do that. Thank you so much for making those purchases and thank you as well for the reviews that you’ve put out both there and on Shopify, that’s really helping us get the Holistic Total Body Support out to the folks. Until next week. Have a marvelous week and we’ll talk soon. I’m Dr Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally.