iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 7-27-20: What is the best way to treat skin infection in your pets?

iPets Ally Q&A Round-up 07-27-20

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Good morning. I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pets’ ally. Thank you all for joining me early and if you weren’t able to make it, just post some questions down below in the comments and I’ll circle back to them today.

What is the best way to treat skin infection in your pets?

Assuming that one of your pets has nasty skin infection, which is giving both of you heck of a time. I think, a topical approach to treating a resistant bacterial is very sound along with the consistent use of necessary probiotics that would be a great idea so just keep up with that. The other thing that I think would also be helpful is Mupirocin which is used to treat infected skin lesion due to specific bacteria.

What are the things you can do to help improve your pets’ gut?

A healthy gut contains a wide variety of bacteria that work together for optimal strength. However. A dog’s gut can be overrun with inflammation and bad bacteria, which causes disease.
One of the possible things you can do is to get help from AnimalBiome which is a biotechnology company. If you’re not familiar with it, I think, AnimalBiome was mentioned in the previous blogs. So, AnimalBiome does a bunch of things, they make a test that will tell you exactly what your pet’s gut biome is and more importantly they have a freeze – dried fecal transplant program which has been helpful in many situations.

Bidding Farewell to your Pets: How to Know When It’s Time.

For every fur parent who loved and shared their life with their fur babies, the dreaded day will eventually come. Seeing your pet just declined rapidly in the last week would result to you trying to figure out if it is time for or if it is not time yet. It’s really one of the difficult phases in having pets so I think it’s a wise move to schedule an appointment to just do a check – up.
If you find that your pet’s energy level is just in the tank that’s where you really have to think hard about what is the kindest thing for her. Sometimes, that release from the bonds of the body and this plane are the kindest thing you can do. I think it’s also a better idea to think about the things that they’ve been able to do in the last 6 months and are they doing some of those things with joy? Are there things that bring them joy during the day? or are they really just kind of laying around?
Death has been a part of my career; it’s been my constant companion and my view of it has changed over the years as far as when is it time. As far as giving comfort, I used to think that if they can only do 30% of the things they used to do, then maybe that’s time but for many of these guys, it may be that you’re going to have a week of essentially hospice care to make sure that their pain level is really good. Maybe do some synergy work just to help them ease out. Sometimes, these guys are so tired that they can’t get the energy to sort of pass over. Reiki and Acupuncture can be helpful for that so think about it from that way.

Poultry Allergies in Dogs: What You Need to Know

Assuming that you know that bone broth makes your pup itchy and develop scabs you might wonder if Turkey can do the same thing. Actually, they can cross – react. So, I think it would be good to use beef, the other thing you could use as well would be little pieces of cheese. Though sometimes they cross – react to Turkey, see how that is. Pull that out and see if that makes a difference or if that doesn’t.

Relief for Your Dog’s Itchy Skin and Possible Natural Remedies to Treat Itchiness

I think, Nutri – Calm is not a bad suggestion, it will help kind of calm you pet down and I would look at the bottle of Nutri – Calm and just use the label directions for the dosing. The other thing that could help you as well is Benadryl. Dogs take a lot of Benadryl compared to us so they would need something like 50 to 75 milligrams of Benadryl two to three times a day for the itching. The other thing you can do would be a nice cool soak with a dilute vinegar solution or even an Epsom salt which kind of draw the itchiness out and it will also help draw some of the moisture out of the skin too. If you can’t get access to Epsom salt, make a dilute salt solution by using sodium chloride with something like a gallon of water or maybe a teaspoon or so of salt. what you’re going to do is create a hypertonic solution so that anything she may have gotten stuck up in the foot kind of gets pulled out and it should help reduce the pain and the discomfort.

Equine Version of ArthriEase – GOLD: Difference Between the Formula

For ArthriEase, there’s a couple of different options, there is ArthriSoothe – GOLD in a liquid format and ArthriEase – GOLD in powder format for horses. There is also ArthriEase – GOLD for dogs and cats. Noticing and comparing the ingredients, you can see there are other things in the dog and cat formula and many of the ingredients are higher because we’re comparing carnivore guts to herbivore guts.
One of the differences between the dog and cat formula and the other formula is that they add Zinc and then Vitamin E. Having said all of that, what I would suggest is to try and see what happens, my guess is that it’s not going to work quite as well so you could double the dose up but then if this is a 60 – day supply and you’ve got this four scoops times 60 or two scoops times 60 that’s a 120 scoops, I don’t know if your cost savings is going to be that great.
The other thing I want you to notice too is the active ingredients such as Dextrose, Flaxseed, and Silica. The sugar and dextrose are not so great and I think that they put it in there for horses to help them keep eating it. Now, for inactive ingredients such as Fructooligosaccharides which are supposed to help the gut prosper a little bit better and then the natural flavoring for this product is chicken. People used to get really freaked out about silicon but turns out that in Equisetum or horsetail, is something that’s given as a supplement these days which actually helps with a lot of things including bladder health.

Skin Lesions or Sores on Your Dog or Cat:

Assuming that your dog had a lesion in its nose and you’re using Mupirocin to help treat it, hearing that they are responding to some antibiotics and Mupirocin is good to hear. Now, according to the map where Blasto is evident that map that shows sort of just on the barely eastern aspect of Texas. The Agricultural Extension Office also explained that there were no cases of Blasto in Central Texas. However, although, somebody asked about it recently, there are other fungal organisms like a Coccidioides and things of that nature.
Now, if you find that her nose does not dry up completely then what I would do is ask about additional fungal testing, you may also need to consider a biopsy as well just because that is such a bizarre looking lesion. I think that’s all I’ve got there.

What causes bloody diarrhea in dogs? And how to treat it?
Suppose your dog has altered gut function and had issues with his eyes which led to removing his eyes and then started having bloody diarrhea now you’re curious if it’s because of the stress from losing it. Probably, it’s possible that it’s because of the stress of losing it as well as the anesthesia and all of those things.
You may need to go with whatever works well for him to treat the Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. I would suggest you to check out AnimalBiome which I think would be helpful for you as far as keeping that Lymphangiectasia under control because I know that part of it is related to stress in the past and certainly anesthesia can’t crank it up. The other thing to consider is that because he has an altered gut function, it’s also possible that it’s kicked up another bacterial organism. So, if it persist, then I would look at getting a fecal PCR test through IDEXX or Antech and what that does is look for specific organisms like C – diff, Campylobacter et cetera so that if they are present you make sure that you get the right treatment for them. I would also suggest adding in either activated charcoal or Bentonite clay to help kind of suck up the evil organism and then really bump up the probiotic dosage.
Great to see all of you here this morning. I hope everything is well for you. On July 29th Wednesday, we’re going to start our Dog Days of Summer Sale so we’ll have 5% off the entire store so be on the lookout in your email to see information about that. So, again, many thanks! Take good care and I will see you next Monday.