iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 8-23-21: What’s the best vaccine plan for puppies?

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1. How do you access the blog page?

            All you need to do is go to drruthrobert.com and click on the course’s menu. There’s a lot of stuff in here that you all have access to. In fact, if you’re an Ipet’s Ally member, you have access to all of them. Now, if you want to understand the lab tests in terms of kidney value, that’s going to be in the kidney health starter kit. It’s in one of these modules so kind of go through everything.

            The other thing you can do is anytime you’ve got a question is go to the search bar, type in for example, vaccine, and kind of everything we have in there about vaccines is going to be there. You can click this “view all” button and it will show you everything we’ve got. This is really just a huge wealth of information that we’ve worked hard. Hanna’s been uploading lots of data every time we have a broadcast along with the transcript so it helps kind of keep you guys with information easy to get at hand.

2. What is Suprelorin used for?

            Because I’m sort of out of the mainstream of veterinary medicine, I guess I got to start reading some of the journals about products coming out. So, suprelorin is an injection of deslorin which has been used to kind of help to modulate breeding in horses so that they’re most likely to conceive when they get artificial insemination.

In the intact male, the normal dog testosterone gives negative feedback onto the pituitary and tells it to slow down on the production of LH and FSH or speed it up if needed, and the way deslorin works is that it sits on the same receptors that would receive gonadotropin regulating hormone and down regulates it. It does decrease the amount of testosterone that’s present. The interesting thing is that we know that with neutering pets, we’re taking away a terrific amount of testosterone and that is part of what’s setting them up for problems later in life as far as incidents of cancer, joint issues and things of that nature. But it is fascinating because all of a sudden now we have chemical castration which is amazing because this is so much easier than actually neutering the dog it also wears off after about six months.

Evidently, it takes up to 6 weeks to ramp up and then it wears off in 6 months so maybe this is a way to help control population by giving the injection. Giving them at least 6 weeks of full testosterone so the body can kind of recalibrate based on what they’re saying. The adverse side – effects that they’re reporting are very much about the short – term as far as swelling, inflammation and then reducing the size of testicles which means there are not enough testosterone to keep them feeding.

3.  What’s the best vaccine plan for puppies?

            What I suggest is you go through the vaccine and heartworm detox protocol. The other thing that’s probably more helpful is about pet vaccines and what do they need, all of that good stuff. Most breeders will try to start at live 6 to 8 weeks. There is some evidence that parvo by itself is warranted that young, but the vast majority of them don’t really need to be given until about 12 weeks of age. The distemper fraction of the parvo tends to actually be immunosuppressive and so for that reason we try to wait until 12 weeks. If we booster again at 16 weeks, they really should be good to go for a full year. At that point, you can start looking at things like titers but frankly, in my experience I would suggest to booster again at that 1-year mark after the second vaccination, and separate the distemper, parvo, and the rabies. I would actually do the rabies as a puppy, so 12 weeks for distemper parvo, 16 weeks and then something like either 14 weeks for rabies or 18 weeks so that you’ve got them spaced apart, and then use the thuja at one drop for 10 pounds of body weight twice a day for 5 days after each vaccine.

4.What is the best dog food for travelling? 

I would not use Primal because this is going to be super high in protein same thing with Dr. Harvey’s because they take more of a fermented raw approach. I’ve had people say that they really enjoyed Dr. Harvey’s but again, you do still have to cook the meat and then add in the Dr. Harvey’s, let it absorb water and all that good stuff. If you’re looking for food that’s easier to travel with, I think Dr. Harvey’s may be the best bet. Do watch it because the base is always the same.

That’s what I have for you this week. I think for those of you that are on the West Coast, you’re still dealing with lots of wildfires so hopefully that will start to cool down shortly. Until next week. You all take good care of yourself and we’ll see you soon. Cheers!