iPet’s Ally Weekly Q&A Round-up 9-27-21: Is the American Dragon Herbal Formula helpful for GI issues?

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1. Mr. Willie update

Mr. Willie is doing better. He’s been taking Cerenia and Metronidazole to help with the

vomiting. The other interesting thing about Cerenia is that one of the things that it does do is help

with abdominal pain too. I don’t know what’s going on but my suspicion had been that the ALP

is up because of the Prednisone, which he’s still on and he’s still getting itchier. Is this a spread

of the cancer? Is it that his gut is just really overloaded from all of the stuff that he’s been having

to take? I don’t know.

He really is such a tough guy. I would ask to see if you can have some Cerenia on hand

because maybe it’s something going on as far as either like a mild case of pancreatitis or

something going on in his gut. But at any rate, part of what Cerenia may be doing is actually

reducing abdominal pain, so if you feel like things are kind of going sideways and if he’s

smacking his lips again. Just take a few more days before so that until enough poop moves

through. If things are still sideways, maybe taking a little vacation from supplements and try

taking out the ones that make you suspicious van be helpful. I mean, this is one of those places

where doing something like sway test maybe helpful.

2. How to conduct a sway test?

You all have heard me talk about that before, and there’s kind of 2 ways to do that. For

instance, I’ll take a bottle of eye drops, which I know actually does help me and I’ll come up and

kind of stand up straight, drop my shoulders and then break my knees softly, and ask if these eye

drops help my eyes. If you wait for the out breath, that’s when you get that movement forward.

The other thing is, will this piece if palo santo help my eyes? And so, you can kind of play with

that and see if that’s helpful.

3. Is DiGize a good product for indigestion?

DiGize actually is awesome for G.I indigestion if things are not moving through or things

of that nature. That’s a good blend to try if you haven’t used any essential oils. Go through each

of the supplement and ask. Do a sway test and see what comes up. If you pick something up and

you’re at all suspicious about it, just kind of leave it out for a couple of days, as scary as that

thought may be. So, check out DiGize because that really is a good one, that seemed to help a lot

of GI issues for me in the past too. Kind of work through things and see what you’re doing with

supplements and see if there may be a problem with them too. I think the other newer Chinese

herbal from Dr. Lisa was something that was pretty intense and so that could create indigestion.

Now, as you start to add things back in, pick them up and get a read on it.

4. 09/28/2021 Broadcast topic

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to do a Facebook live about Omega 3 fatty acids. 10

years ago, the information I was getting from the human side is that for cancer patients, they

should be taking a hundred milligrams per kilogram of Omega 3 fatty acids per day. Because

there wasn’t really any research out there for pets at this point, we knew that Omega 3s were

helpful for skin disease, kidney disease and many others but we weren’t really sure kind of what

dosing is, so this is something I get to share with you all tomorrow afternoon.

Also, I will talk about a test that will provide an Omega 3 index for pets, which I think is

super exciting because we can have a best guess dose which sometimes is right and sometimes is

not. This will give us more of a concrete number like your pet is in a really good range and so

you keep your Omega 3 dose where it is or we need to edge it up some more. I think that’s going

to be really helpful. The cool thing is that it does require a drop of blood but it is something that

you can do at home. Many people will take their pet’s blood samples for diabetes to monitor

blood sugar.

5. Texas A&M research inventions

Texas A&M actually has created a canine microbiota dysbiosis index and so what

they’ve done is kind of take a look at seven bacterial groups and look at how they are. If you

send in a stool sample for your pet, look at where it’s normal and not normal. The interesting

thing is that they are recommending fecal microbiota transplant or FMT transplant. And Margo

Roman has developed a healthy poop bank, for lack of a better word, so this is something that

I’m starting to kind of check out to see if this is more useful than perhaps, the animal biome test.

Those guys do great work but it was really frustrating to have people’s pets do the test. I think

this one is pretty pushy.

6. Is the American Dragon Herbal Formula helpful for GI issues?

The American Dragon Herbal Formula is pretty helpful. It is possible that this kind of

created some G.I upset, so we’ve got a lot of digital clearing heat from the yin level, clear the

heart, calm the spirit, cool the blood, and break up stasis so this is definitely a kind of an

aggressive cancer formula. We have here Xuan Shen Scrophulariae which is a cooling heat,

nourishing yen, draining fire, and relieving toxicity. Rehmanniae is a gentler version that cools

blood and nourishes yin, and then Ophiopogonis is a little bit of heat and is actually a more

nourishing yin, it generates fluid, clear the heart and eliminate irritability. Jin Yin Hua is a

clearing heat, relieve toxicity and cool the blood so this may have been enough to kind of kick

things into some problems as far as GI tract, so talk with Dr. Lisa about that, but that is very


The idea is that if your GI tract is already screwed up and you have spleen chi deficiency

plus or minus some other things, a really cold formula on top of that can create diarrhea because

the gut is already cold so to speak energetically, and then we dump more cold on top and then

sometimes that’ll what happen. However, I think CBD is really going to be more helpful there so

maybe just kind of drop that last herbal. Zhi Ban Xia is more about supporting the liver, clearing

things, a little bit of heat clearing, but also drying up damp, releasing the exterior nausea and

things of that nature.

Also, we’ve got a little bit of ginseng in there to help kind of tonify everything, resolve

phlegm which is part of the skin cancer, and then strengthening the spleen, so I think these two

are good but maybe the third one just really kind of knock things out. This is where you might

consider a slower internal approach which is something like activated charcoal, green clay or

something of that nature. I would try activated charcoal especially in the face of all the GI stuff,

something like 1 cap 2 to 3 times a day but 2 hours away from other supplements and see if that

doesn’t help kind of suck things up from the inside and go more of an adsorptive.

Ladies, that’s what I have for you this week. Again, I will be out next week and will be

taking some time off. Fingers crossed that everybody is well. I will see you tomorrow afternoon

on Facebook and we’ll go from there. You all take good care of yourselves and give everybody a

big hug and a kiss for me. We’ll talk soon. Thanks!