Kidney Diseases in Dogs: Prevention Starts in the Bowl



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When it comes to kidney diseases in dogs, prevention is the best healthcare you can offer. As a caring pet owner, you have the power to get proactive with your dog’s kidney health. I have some great tips on crockpot dog food for kidney disease and other solutions for you!

How do you know you’re feeding your pup the right foods that foster kidney health? Kidney failure in dogs causes much heartbreak, but you can avoid or manage it by giving your furry friend the most nutritious foods.
Instead of looking for signs of kidney failure in your dog, start with what you put in their bowls. While dog and human health are different, the principle of diet is a driving force behind overall health, energy levels, and quality of life. 

Here you will find info on homemade dog treats and homemade canine renal diet.

Dog food doesn’t have to come in a bag.

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We have this idea that all a dog can eat is dry kibble. Furthermore, most people are under the impression that “people food” is inherently bad for dogs.
While it’s true that feeding a dog table scraps may lead to problems down the road, there is a homemade dog food recipe  for kidney disease that is easy to make and foster kidney health.

Implement high-quality protein.

There is a myth about canine kidney health that states protein is not good for renal function. This is not the truth. Protein is necessary for your dog, but there’s a caveat.
Most dog proteins are not high quality. Sourced from bone meat and corn, most store-bought dog food doesn’t offer healthful protein that builds muscle health, extends longevity, and fosters kidney function.
If you want a homemade dog food recipe for kidney disease, I can show you how to make your own dog food. I use protein-based ingredients such as chicken, so that your pup gets the best nutrition to enhance kidney health.

Crockpot dog food for kidney disease.TOCPDCookingCrockPot

Making your own dog food sounds like a daunting task—most likely because the options we’ve been exposed to consist of dry kibble. With the Original CrockPET Diet recipe for kidney disease, you can make your dog healthy food that improves kidney function, and alleviates any existing symptoms of liver diseases in dogs. I hope this helps you with what to feed a dog with kidney failure who will not eat.

Know the signs of early kidney
disease development.

The idea behind diet-focused kidney health is prevention, but early detection can also help you give your dog quality of life and quantity of years. Keep an eye on frequent urination, constipation, general malaise, and increased water consumption.
In spotting these early warning signs, you can help add years and lessen renal failure symptoms. But remember that you don’t have to wait for symptoms to appear—you can prevent them!

Access the Original CrockPET Diet recipe here.

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