Meet Dr. Ruth Roberts: Holistic Pet Expert, Veterinarian and Pet Health Coach

Dr. Ruth on the Deck

Dr. Ruth on the DeckDo you know Dr. Ruth Roberts?

Learn a little more about Dr. Ruth’s background and outlook on pet health and integrative veterinary medicine, and what makes her a holistic pet expert. From her childhood experience with pets, to her extensive education in traditional veterinary and Chinese Medicine, Dr. Ruth tells us what led her to
dedicate her life to pets and develop The Original CrockPET Diet.

Who Is Dr. Ruth?

Also, don’t forget to tune in to our Facebook pages every Thursday for a live Q&A. If you have pet questions that you can’t seem to find the answer to, you can finally ask a vet who can help.

How can Dr. Ruth help YOUR pet?

Consultations with Dr. Ruth are now available for pet parents who would like some help developing a
health plan for their pet. Whether you are just trying to keep your healthy pet in their best form, or you
need help resolving some tough health issues for your furry friend – help is here! Dr. Ruth will develop a personalized Health Map for your pet, complete with a diet plan, supplement recommendations and a
one-on-one call. If you would like more information about Dr. Ruth’s consultation program,
email us at

Always remember, your pet’s best health begins in the bowl!

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