March 27, 2017

Multivitamin for Pets: Why it's Important

Why Does My Pet Need A Multivitamin?

You take amazing care of your pet by feeding them the best food available, and by giving them plenty of exercise and unconditional love. But if their daily regimen doesn't include a multivitamin for pets, there may be a hole in their nutrition. Fido's diet may not be providing a full supply of essential nutrients and vitamins they need to keep their body healthy.

Crouching Cat EatsIf you feed your dog or cat a commercial food, there's no way to know exactly what nutrition your furry friend is getting. Most pet foods list their nutritional value based on what the food contains before it is cooked. Many vital nutrients actually decrease in quantity or disappear all together during the cooking process.

A quick quiz: How much taurine does your cat's food contain?  She should be getting 200mg daily. Is your dog getting enough magnesium or phosphorus? Their commercial food may not even list this. Even if you cook your pet's food yourself, the most balanced of diets (like The Original CrockPET Diet) need the
addition of a multivitamin.

Do all pet diets need supplementation?

Mother Nature provides so much of the nutrition you and I need, but it isn't always enough. Cooking for your pet is especially tricky. Each batch of The Original CrockPET Diet contains sufficient protein and an array or tasty and healthful veggies. But there is no way to combine enough ingredients to provide all of the nutrients your pet needs in a single serving.

The answer to this conundrum is the simple addition of a completely balanced multivitamin. Holistic Total Body Support is the perfect compliment to The Original CrockPET Diet or any other pet food. Even store-bought foods,  other homemade pet foods or a raw food diet can be completed by the addition of a quality multivitamin for pets.

How else can my pet benefit from multivitamins?

Holistic Total Body Support goes even deeper than providing vital vitamins and nutrients. Because it is a high quality glandular supplement, it provides support for your pet's endocrine system and vital organs. Providing your pet with full nutrition and body support will help their bodies heal more easily when they are sick or injured. Adding a multivitamin for pets gives them the building blocks needed to rebuild tissue and cells.

For a limited time, we are offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on Holistic Total Body Support for Dogs and Holistic Total Body Support for Cats. Simply add two jars of whichever item you'd like (the BOGO applies only to two identical products) to your shopping cart, and the discount will apply automatically at checkout.

Make sure your pet is getting everything they need to feel their very best at all times! If you have any questions about multivitamins for pets, or why your pet needs one, feel free to comment below. You can also join Dr. Ruth Roberts live on Facebook every Thursday at 12:30PM EST.

Cheers to a Lifetime of Great Health!
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