Holistic Total Body Support
for Cats &Dogs

Restore your pet’s health to years prior - the all natural way​

Discover the 100% natural glandular multivitamin

that works hard to restore your pet’s endocrine system, supports and balances the metabolism, and keeps your pet healthy and active.

Thousands of happy pets and owner

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As powerful as the original crock pet diet is to help restore health, and prevent disease it needs its perfect mate just keep the nutrition balanced. I tried multiple other companies multi vitamin supplements, but just wasn’t happy with the results. Then it hit me. What do animals eat first in the wild? Often, they eat the organs and glands to get the raw materials their bodies desperately need to thrive. Because our pets are spayed and neutered at such a young age, they often never have a chance for their endocrine systems to develop to full maturity. This was truly the missing link. 

I tried several commercially available products with glandular support, and was thrilled with the results I saw in my patients. All dogs whose coats had lost their luster, and had difficulty getting up and down removing like five-year-olds, and their coats were shiny. Young dogs who had problems with urinary incontinence after being spayed or neutered, and had always been lethargic were filled with energy and vitality.

When I started bringing the original cockpit diet to all pet owners via the Internet, getting access to those glandular multivitamins became very difficult without a veterinarians prescription, and the products were very expensive. 

I developed holistic body out of sheer frustration with the lack of options available to pet owners who were simply trying to do their very best to protect their pets health. Holistic total body support for cats and dogs is one of the few products on the market that offers glandular support for the entire endocrine system, a complete nutritional supplement to complement cooked and raw food, and the cost is $0.33 per serving, less than half the cost of the closest competitor. Plus, it’s the only complete and balanced multivitamin that includes glandular support, that tells you exactly what in the bottle.

Finally, a complete multivitamin with healthy glandular support available direct to you the pet owner.

It’s hard to watch a beloved pet suffer from poor health, when you and your veterinarian can’t quite put your finger on the cause. That’s why as pet parents were willing to go the extra mile and keep digging until we find something that will help. Unfortunately, they’re often expensive or come with negative side effects that end up doing more harm than good. Holistic total body support formula not only has no side effects, but it’s priced in a way that allows all pets to have access to its benefits.

lab tests  expensive and time-consuming!

nutritional consultation homemade version of high carb inflammatory diet

Searching the internet for diet advice confusing and not targeted to your pet’s individual needs.

Prescription medications cause unwanted and dangerous side effects.

Every other supplement you've tried hasn't worked.
Here's why.

You can’t out pill a bad diet. If your pet is eating a pro-inflammatory diet, supplements  can’t compensate for the basis of Health being poor

They aren’t able to reach the root of the problem.  Mini supplements are Band-Aids on common health problems not healing foods that reach deep into your pets body to restore their health cell by cell. 

Picky eaters won't touch them.

A great supplement is worthless if you can't get your pet to take it. Holistic total body support is accepted by 97% of the cats and dogs it is offered to.

They're made with cheap filler ingredients.

In order to keep costs low, many manufacturers will add “superfoods" and other popular poor quality supplements that don't actually do anything for your pet or at a dose too low to be effective.

Holistic total body support for cats and dogs is different.

  • Our daily supplement goes much further than helping provide basic nutrients it promotes total body Wellness by helping your pets body be rebuilt from the cellular level
  • Our unique formula provides the body the raw materials it desperately needs to rebuild the cells, get nutrition inside of 6 cells to help them heal, and simply go places other supplements can’t.
  • Holistic total body support was tested and approved by the pickiest four-legged friends we could find. The grass-fed glandular products provide a taste that your pet won’t just tolerate, but will beg you for more.
  • We use ingredients that have been scientifically and clinically proven to produce profound visible results in your pet.  you won’t find any junk fillers in any of our formulas. 

What Makes Holistic Total Body Support more effective than any other multivitamin for dogs and cats?

As your pet ages

its ability to growhealthy functioning cells diminishes, and without an anti-inflammatory diet, and targeted nutrition, the cells become sick, leading to painful inflammation, cellular deterioration, and illness associated with aging. Unfortunately in our pets just as in US cancer has become one of the diseases associated with unhealthy cells, and chronic inflammation. because we’re providing your pet with the raw materials it’s endocrine system desperately needs to function properly, holistic total body support is able to get nutrients into the healthy cells and the sick cells in a way that other multivitamins simply can’t. The result is a significant Improvement in your pet’s quality of life, and how she looks and feels. 

Why your pet needs holistic total body support let food be thy medicine.

improve endocrine function in pets spayed and neutered early.

It’s abundantly clear in humans that losing our sex hormones at an early age creates all sorts of massive health issues later in life. The same is true for our pets. Multiple Studies have shown that animals that are allowed to be intact simply didn’t have the level of cancer, joint disease, and other chronic diseases that spayed and neutered pets have. While this isn’t hormone replacement, it gives your pet a Fighting Chance.

Lifelong vitality

Holistic total body support uniquely powerful formula supports every organ in your pet’s body including the heart, lungs, brain, liver, and kidneys and helps your pet repair the damage from free radicals, and environmental pollutants, Adding years of quality life to your pet.

Proactive Wellness

Almost from birth, pets begin the cellular decline associated with the aging process, even though these changes may not be outwardly visible for years. instead of waiting for a health problem to show up,Holistic total body support Works to keep your pet well ensuring optimal function of his or her body at a cellular level.

Total pet wellness without the side effects.

 Holistic total body support is the most effective multivitamin cat and dog supplement on the market.

How It Works

 holistic total body support contains optimized nutrients in glandular components that support your pet in ways that other supplements simply can’t. The results are incredible for your pet.









96% of owners

report an overall Improvement

 in their pets.most owners report Improvement in skin and coat quality, digestive  function, vitality, and overall well-being.

Your pet will love holistic total body support

what good is a supplement if your pet won’t take it? We’ve made sure ours is as delicious as any of their favorite treats. It’s drool-worthy for them and easy for you. Use a teaspoon to add holistic total body support to your pet’s meal. ( testimonial about palatability)

Money-back guarantee – I didn’t offer this with holistic total body support, because in the early days, I had people buying kit subscriptions, downloading Toc PD, and then returning the product immediately. What is the industry return rate with a 100% guarantee?


Some supplements or prescription drugs may do more harm than good —like causing an upset stomach, inflammation, liver damage, or worse. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure your pet’s safety with an all-natural blend of vitamins & restorative ingredients that only do good.

Not sure if holistic total body support is right for your best friend?

we know  you’re skeptical and you’ve heard all of this before. But with consistent daily use, holistic total body support Can help you turn back the clock on your pets aging. With so many real life success stories, why not give htps a try? If your pet suffers from any of the below, then htbs is right for her.

Subscribe to holistic total body support, and get a 5% discount on every order. Choose the refill interval that's right for you and your pet.

Don’t wait any longer to give your pet holistic total body support. If you’re still young…  it’s never too early to start your pet on a supplement that could add healthy years to their life and decrease their chances of developing age-related diseases. Start them on HTBS now, and help them live the long healthy life that they deserve.

free shipping

If your pet is starting to show signs of aging…

it’s imperative to start them on holistic total body sport as soon as possible to repair and reverse cellular damage that has already taken place inside their body. Don’t let your pet suffer From the ravages of chronic inflammation another day start now, and start seeing results.

Why HTBS is better

HTBS key ingredients are grass-fed glandular supplements they provide your pets endocrine systems and all the vital organs the nutrients they need to replace, restore, and thrive. In addition, htps is full range of minerals and vitamins provide optimized and complete nutrition for your pet.

MAde with Love & science

I'm dr. Ruth Roberts the Creator and developer of holistic total body support, and the original crockpet diet.

My decision to create htbs was made after I  witnessed my beloved Arnold suffer through arthritis, and the aging process. His suffering sent me on a journey to develop the most effective glandular bass supplement, and the safest and healthiest diet in the world that would help pets of all ages live happy healthy and more comfortable lives. I believe that our pets deserve the very best, and that you the pet owner should have complete control over what your pet is eating.


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*Htps is extremely easy to give to your pet. Dosing is simple, and can be given once a day, or split into two doses. Simply add to the top of your pets preferred food, and mixed in.

Htps and all of my supplements are manufactured in the USA.

Each ingredient is carefully selected, inspected, and tested before Distributing. We Believe pets are members of the family and deserve the very best care with the safest ingredients. That’s why we hold our products to the highest standards.

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