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Welcome to the Standard Process Telemedicine Webinar Support Materials.

Welcome! I am so glad you’re here! I’ll be adding to this page as the webinars progress. Here you will find the papers I mentioned, tips, tricks, videos, and anything else I can think of to assist you in your journey to implement telemedicine. Please email me at , or reach out to my assistant Hanna

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Smart Messenger Marketing
Smart Messenger Marketing
Javalogix Brand Audit
Javalogix Brand Audit

Social Media Post and Examples

I mentioned several pieces of software and things that may help you physically set up to do Telemedicine, and I am including the links to these items here. This list will grow as the webinars progress

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

Email Template: 

For Skype, a call recorder

A Camera stand for cell phones:

A microphone extension cord

Wireless Earbuds with Microphone

Lighting stand, cell phone holder

Consider an inexpensive tablet for tech-challenged clients.

JotForm to create Fillable PDF forms Free

Zapier to covert Jotform data to a pdf in Google drive:

Calendly scheduling app, allow client to self schedule, and automatically create a ZOOm link;

Google Suite software for email domain, Drive, Docs, sheets, etc.

Create Templates  for anything you tell clients frequently, surgery  reports, etc, and then expand them magically with a few keystrokes

for auto transcriptions of voice recordings at 0.25 c/ per minute

Free heat maps of your website help you know what people are looking at, what is useful to them, and where they go, so you can improve the usefulness of your site.

TO make  sure your VA  is doing what they say they are doing, use